BV’s Grill – Modern Take on the Classic American Grill in NYC

BV’s Grill in midtown Manhattan celebrated its grand opening on September 22, with nearly 400 attendees enjoying an open bar and passing hors d’oeuvres, including foie gras cones, and roast beef and horseradish sliders. The restaurant, which opened in July, is a modern American grill from the famed restaurateur, Joseph Smith of Bobby Van’s Group, and Alan Rosen of Junior’s Cheesecake.

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Boasting a modern look, BV’s Grill has a large indoor space with two private dining and meeting rooms, and a glassed-in open kitchen with a French Rotisserie. The restaurant also has a sleek, 100-person 360-degree open bar area, and a 60-person outdoor promenade hidden from the bustling New York streets.

“We created a neighborhood restaurant with a great outdoor dining area for lunch dinner and cocktails,” says Joseph Smith. “Customers have my unyielding guarantee to provide patrons with the finest food and service.”

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BV’s Grill has a people-friendly menu with many popular items other than steak, including the Chilean sea bass, roasted chicken, beets salad and yellow fin tuna tartare. Below is a picture of one of the restaurant’s specials – mahimahi with Belgian endives, pear-dried cherries and a red wine pomegranate reduction. This is a great tasting, flavorful dish. The fish is delicate but crisp on the outside, and the cherries and red wine pomegranate reduction add a mild,fruity flavor to every bite.

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If you want to try one of BV’s Grill’s classic steaks, try the 16-oz filet mignon cooked in a balsamic reduction. Served with a shallot reduction and Béarnaise sauce, the steak is juicy, tender and cooked perfectly.

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The steak is so satisfying on its own that you may not even need a side dish, but if you decide to get one, there are many to choose from, including Brussels sprouts with bacon, macaroni and cheese, sautéed broccoli rabe, wild mushrooms and the delicious creamed spinach pictured below.

BVs Grill in New York City 5

BVs Grill also has a café on the side of the restaurant where anyone can go to order coffee, breakfast items and take-out service.

BV’s Grill Website: Address: 919 3rd Avenue New York, NY 10022

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