Cape Town – Quintessential Beauty

The second largest city of South Africa and definitely the live wire of its country, Cape Town is one of the most happening cities of Africa. The city is buzzing with vibe, colors, beauty and worth of mention – mouth tingling food at every nook and corner. While treading through the streets and markets of the city, you are bound to fall in love with the energizing spirit of its people and untamed beauty.

Among the many beautiful attractions of the city, missing to visit the eternal beauty of one of its attractions, The Table Mountain, is indeed a crime. It is absolutely intriguing to see how the mountain divides the city and well organizes it into zones, gardens, residential areas, vineyards and forests.

If not sure what to do in Cape Town, read on for a few of our recommendations.

Cape Winelands

These Winelands have essentially earned the title of “The Culinary Capital of South Africa” owing to the rich and legendary grapevines, some of them being hundred years old. Cape Winelands District is one among the 44 districts of South Africa.

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With Indian Ocean lying on the south and Atlantic Ocean towards the west, the location of these winelands offer them the perfect atmosphere to thrive in this city and thus produce a considerable stock of its renowned wine all over the country. Tourists often spend a complete day to visit these vineyards and taste some of the best produce of the country.

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Table Mountain

Table Mountain, voted as one of the New Seven Wonders of the world, is replete with the world’s most spectacular scenic beauty. In fact, visitors to this place often redefine their understanding of eternal beauty once they witness the unmatched glory of its natural landscapes. From the top of the mountain, the entire city of Cape Town looks blissful and calm, surrounded by the never-ending Atlantic Ocean and serene suburbs.

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The Two Oceans Aquarium

The aquarium is literally a magnet for all those who love to watch marine animals live in their natural habitation. The Two Oceans Aquarium, located at Portswood Square, V&A Waterfront, is once-in-a-lifetime treat for all the visitors to watch all the colorful and unique marine creatures thriving in their natural environment. In fact, the natives of the country often consider a visit to the waterfront educating as it allows the visitors to peek inside the lives of the creatures hailing from the cold water of the Atlantic Ocean.

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The Cape Point

Cape Point, the south-western tip of Africa, is one of the most visited places for those seeking what to do in Cape Town. This point is the abode to some of the country’s most breathtaking and spectacular sights. Most beautiful bays, hills, valleys, beaches are the USP of this point. It sprawls within the area of Cape Floral Region which is counted as a World Heritage Site and is home to the world’s richest flora.

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Cape Town is ritually chosen as a hot honeymoon spot for its moderate weather, spectacular scenic beauty and coveted urban areas providing world-class entertainment, dining and partying options.

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