Celebrating Seasons at Juni Restaurant in New York

As the seasons change, so do the menus at Juni restaurant– a Michelin-starred restaurant in New York City from Executive Chef Shaun Hergatt. Located in the Hotel Chandler in Midtown East, Juni offers three dinner menus – herbivore, omnivore and chef’s tasting – which all celebrate and evolve with the changing of seasons. At Juni, diners can expect a unique dining experience with creative, distinguished dishes focused on the freshest ingredients from local farmers.

Chef Hergatt, who also headed SHO Shaun Hergatt Restaurant in Manhattan and was chef de cuisine at Atelier Restaurant at The Ritz-Carlton, Central Park, is the inspiration behind everything at Juni – from the cuisine and the dining experience to the restaurant design. Although unassuming, the restaurant has an exclusive and intimate feel, with only 46 seats in the entire space and service so attentive that you may feel as if you’re the only one dining there.

Juni Restaurant in NYC - Dining Room

The chef’s tasting menu is the most popular among diners, but because the dishes change about 178 times a year, you can never expect to have the same exact meal twice. But, what you can expect are quality ingredients, various accents of flavors in each dish and superb presentations. Here are some of the highlights from Juni’s omnivore menu, which represents the bounty of the seasons:

For a starter, there’s these cranberry apple pebbles with apple glaze pictured below. The pebbles have a vibrant red color that stands out among the grey stones. They’re also soft with a slight sweet taste, and the apple glaze adds a flavor reminiscent of a homemade apple pie.

Juni Restaurant in NYC - Cranberries

Also served as a starter are these black truffles with squid ink, coated with black brioche. Presented beautifully on a centerpiece similar to a tree branch, these black truffles are delicate with an earthy and refined flavor.

Juni Restaurant in NYC - Black truffles
To celebrate the nearing of the fall season in New York, Chef Hergatt created early autumn – a dish that embodies colors and flavors that he associates with autumn. It’s made up of smoked bacon, potato crisp, butternut squash and a mix of pepita powder – all which you can taste in every bite. Overall, this is a delightful, comforting dish that truly honors the fall season.

Juni Restaurant in NYC - Autumn Dish

Pictured below is the Hudson Valley foie gras with mountain huckleberries. Inspired by nature, this is a fine and cooling dish with different layers of flavor and a crunchy texture.

Juni Restaurant in NYC - Foie Gras

Two dishes that really stand our are the geoduck, which is the largest clam in the world from the Pacific Ocean, and the black bass with California caviar shown below. Both the geoduck and black bass are very delicate, and they’re cooked with simple flavors that showcase the two ingredients. Also, if you’ve never tried geoduck before, the geoduck vin jaune at Juni will set the standard for any other clams you try.

Juni Restaurant in NYC - Striped bass, citrus

Finally, for dessert, there’s the coconut sorbet with chestnut and chicory. This is a great tasting dessert in which the coconut flavor dominates the dish. The sorbet is light and the chestnuts add a bit of crunch to the dessert.

Juni Restaurant in NYC - Dessert

12 E 31st St
New York, NY 10016

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