Cenote Sagrado: Rare and Amazing Experience

Nothing will prepare you for the natural wonder of the Cenote Sagrado in the deep paradise of the Yucatan peninsula. Those who adore a taste of wild swimming will leave their heart at the bottom of the deep sacred well, a place where the water shimmers unbelievably bright and the hanging vines spill over the limestone walls. A Cenote is a place where the earth has collapsed, revealing an opening to one of the many underground rivers that weave beneath the lush carved world of Yucatan.

Cenote Sagrado Rare and Amazing Experience

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As beautiful as they may be, these were places usually sought out for sacrifice by the ancient Mayans. At the start of the 18th century archaeologists dredged the mystical siren-esque limpid pool of Cenote Sagrado, Mexico, and uncovered copper, gold, trinkets and even human bones. It is thought the ancient people used this sacred spot for sacrifice and to appease the rain god. Yet even though you know the dark history of the luminous waters it doesn’t stop you wanting to dive right in.

Cenote Sagrado Rare and Amazing Experience 2

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Swimming in a Cenote Sagrado is a rare and amazing experience and something that awakens an ancient beauty in your bones. The Cenote Sagrado of IkKil is said to be the most beautiful especially as you traverse 85 foot beneath the ground via a circular stairwell carved from the pale stone. Even if your shirt is sticking to your back because of the humid sun drenching the world outside, down here it is cool and the water cooler still. Impeccably refreshing, one dip in the waters of this Cenote Sagrado will leave you feeling born again. Small thin trickles of water cling to the vines making it rain overhead, letting the sun light dance with the water droplets creating a shimmering starry effect.

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The water is as deep as deep can be and seems to drop off into the very chasm of the universe. The daring will love climbing to the platforms and leaping from great heights into the cool clear waters. Those who simply want to relax and embrace the moment can drift on their back and gaze at the dome of blue sky somewhere far above the ceiling of the earth.

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