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Now more than ever it seems that the world is perched at the precipice of our fingertips. Air travel has never been more accessible, globetrotting has never been so alluring, and with a change in lifestyle where young people are free to roam before being tied down to family; it’s time to pack your case and hit the open road. Marriott Rewards Credit Card from Chase has cast a light on the world of adventure and exploration and along with highlighting trends, is also proving that the young and vivacious not only have an appetite for discovering the globe, but want to do so with a purpose.


It seems that young millennials (18-34) are the ones tramping all four corners of the globe, building orphanages, learning to surf, hitting trend setting destinations, and of course partying until the small hours of dawn. Yet close behind you also find the Gen Xers (35-49) digging their heels into the world of wanderlust, and then the boomers (50-67) who seem to want to taste the culture and see the famous sights before taking the penultimate long trip at the end. So what are the current trends that seem to be taking the travel market by storm and where are our young people heading in this newfound culture of wanderlust?


Changing Travel

Teaching children in Nepal, washing the wrinkled bellies of elephants in Thailand, helping Patagonian farmers plant their crops, picking lavender in the fields of Provence and splashing in pure waters as a camp counselor in the Catskill Mountains, this is what 21st century travel looks like for the young and the restless. Marriott Rewards Credit Card conducted a nationwide survey to gauge the global travel mindset of traveler’s ages 18-67 who stay in a hotel at least five nights per year for business, pleasure or both. Rather than spend a week or two sipping cocktails in some euro trash resort, the survey shows that a whopping 84 percent of millennials are more likely to travel abroad to participate in volunteer activities compared to older generations. They are keen to explore the world and try to make it a better place along the way. With the advent of gap year experiences and specialist companies offering free accommodation and meals in exchange for charitable help, many youngsters are chomping at the bit, realizing that this is the perfect chance to have a one off experience and truly get beneath the skin of a new culture. Where else could you find an experience like helping an African mother scrub her cooking pot in the humid heat of a dark jungle, how else could you stalk a wild boar with a skull and bone tribe from Papua New Guinea, and why would you want to take a cookie cutter vacation when you can see the world, understand its struggles, and indulge in something truly special with volunteerism.

Pop Culture Paradise

With the recent release of the movie Wild you can only imagine how many starry eyed backpackers and novice hikers are going to hit the Pacific Coast trail this summer. We are a culture easily swayed by the changing trends in multimedia and celebrity which means if its splashed all over social media or the silver screen, we want to emulate the experience and grasp it for ourselves. The survey conducted by Marriott Rewards Credit Card showed that 20 percent of millennials would hit up a spot recently featured in a movie. Remember when The Beach came out? Suddenly the pale white shores and secret spots of Thailand became a go to. How many frivolous students decided to skip their way to romantic Paris after watching Amelie? And who didn’t dream of riding horses like Aragorn and standing at the foot of Mount Doom in New Zealand? Destinations inspired by movies seem to be hot news with young and savvy travelers especially when compared to their peers of which only 11 percent of Gen Xers and 7 percent of Boomers showed any interest in following in the footsteps of Hollywood.


Adrenaline Fringed Shores

Once upon a time the idea of a vacation was a soft sandy beach and a good book in hand, sometimes followed by stretching like a cat in the sun, and a stroll to the nearest town for a cold beer in a local bar. In the words of Bob Dylan – the times they are a changing, and now it seems that snoozing in the sun is the last thing new millennials are looking for when it comes to excursions abroad. Snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef, stalking big cats on a South African safari, spending a week in a surf camp in Mexico, zip lining across the lush jungles of Costa Rica, and selecting islands where the party rages whether its full moon mayhem in the Far East or kaleidoscope clubs in Ibiza, excitement and adrenaline seem to be the name of the game. The survey also showed that 67 percent of millennials are interested in watersports and felt their heart race at the suggestion of it on vacation, 63 percent were interested in interacting with wild animals, perhaps kayaking with whales or trekking gorillas, and 28 percent considered local nightlife when choosing a destination so they can get their groove on after dark. Those seeking for new roads and carved paths through this world to bring out the best in their traveling experience can turn to the Marriott Rewards Credit Card from Chase. Designed for travelers to earn accelerated Marriott Rewards points on all purchases, so you can put every purchase towards experiencing the bounty of our world in all its glory. Like earning points to put towards your next trip? Visit Marriott Rewards Credit Card to learn more.

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