Copenhagen – The Quintessence Cooking Lesson

A foodie tour of Copenhagen –

Part III

No foodie’s holiday is complete without a crash course in the local cuisine at a cookery school. For an intimate foodie tour of Copenhagen that is bang on the New Nordic trend, book a session with Danish food consultant Mia Kristensen who runs her cookery school CPH Good Food in her own home.

Copenhagen The Cooking Lesson 1

Mia’s pad is slick, classically Scandinavian in design and located in the Ørestads Boulevard, which has won awards for its cutting edge architecture and is just five minutes from downtown.

Copenhagen The Cooking Lesson 2

Our menu for the day had a New Nordic theme. Mia’s worktop was crammed with local herbs including lovage, cress and dill. She went through them all one at a time, breaking bits off so we could have a smell and a chew.

Copenhagen The Cooking Lesson 3

She also showed us the more unusual ingredients we would be cooking with. We tried some fresh sea buckthorns, which had the familiarly sour tropical flavor that we first tried at Geranium, and Mia also introduced us to dill infused aquavit.

Copenhagen The Cooking Lesson 4

The cooking itself soon began. We marinated a salmon fillet in the dill aquavit. We would eventually slice it into thin rillettes. We also made a pickled fennel salad and Mia had pre-prepared apple rye bread, which we warmed up in the oven.

Copenhagen The Cooking Lesson 5

We made the sourdough bread ourselves from scratch, adding with pumpkin and poppy seeds to give it extra texture. We also made a dill mayonnaise from scratch. Once everything was prepared we sat at Mia’s dining table and enjoyed what we had made.

Copenhagen The Cooking Lesson 6

She showed us how to put the salmon, dill mayonnaise and pickled fennel on the rye bread to make an open sandwich. The sourdough bread was a great addition and had a lovely crunch.

Copenhagen The Cooking Lesson 7

We washed it all down with some quintessentially rhubarb juice and some great conversation – about the New Nordic movement, how we would try and cook the dish again back home and what a fulfilling destination Copenhagen is if you love food!

Copenhagen The Cooking Lesson 8

You can email Mia Kristensen

Copenhagen The Cooking Lesson 9

Author Bio: Sherelle goes to one of the world’s culinary capitals for a gut-busting weekend featuring an award-winning restaurant, a luxury food tour and a crash course in modern Danish cuisine. Here’s her final experience.


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