Costa Rica: Jungle Retreats

Push through the latticed lush palms; breathe deep the scent of wild orchids and perch on top of the majestic cloud forests in the splendor of Costa Rica’s virginal untamed jungles. Imagine a world where howler monkeys hang from the branch, bright kaleidoscope butterflies scatter on the path and through the misty tall ancient trees you find a silken stretch of secluded white sands flanked by racing white crested waves and warm waters.

This is the Costa Rican experience, one where the power of nature dominates the day and color fills your senses at every turn. This eco-rich playground is climbing the stakes when it comes to bucket list destinations for intrepid travelers and these luxury retreats in Costa Rica jungle can deliver a sense of opulence and calm without trampling on the delicate beauty of the world.

Lapa Rios

With dream-like views of the Pacific and the Rainforest, the sublime elegance of Lapa Rios makes for a perfect stay. A handful of eco-friendly luxurious bungalows perch along a rocky ridge where toucans swoop to sit in the trees and sunsets flare along the crest of the far-flung mountains. Canopied beds resemble the cloud like forests down below and thatched roofs capture the sunlight to illuminate every corner of the lavish suites.

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Lapa Rios is as green as it gets allowing you to completely unplug and immerse yourself in nature. From sunrise yoga to morning swims in the ocean, nurturing spa treatments and action packed zip line adventures through the canopies, this is where you go to let go and find yourself.

Costa Rica Jungle Retreats Lapa Rios 2

Almonds and Corals

Almonds and Corals invite you to experience something special perched between the azure waters of the Caribbean Sea and the emerald jungles of the Gandoca Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge. You can tiptoe to your beautiful private bungalow down the wooden walkway illuminated by dancing fireflies beneath a bed of stars.

Costa Rica Jungle Retreats Almonds and Corals 1

Master suites are heaven sent with an inspired vision that blends the beauty of outdoors with the comforts inside. You can splash in your own private Jacuzzi as you listen to bird song, flop down on soft canopied beds or cozy up in your hammock with a good book. With the beach on your doorstep and a tiny town close by you are left to converse with nature, to swim in coconut scented waters and take sunrise hikes through the verdant forests.

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Finca Rosa Blanca

This hidden gem in San Jose is nestled in a working coffee plantation and surrounded by a sea of tropical sun-kissed gardens where the scent of fresh papaya, dark roasted coffee, and exotic mango sweetens the air. As soon as you enter the door of the villas you are greeted by lofty soaring ceilings, lashings of wood, the humid glow of an indoor garden and brightly painted murals adorning the walls.

Costa Rica Jungle Retreats Finca Rosa Blanca 1

Chickens cluck outside your window, rich herbs spill their scent and balcony views offer an unrivaled panorama of the lush gardens, the rising spires of mountains and the golden rose blooms of the sky. Rooms are laced in romance with fairy-tale furnishings and elegant murals, bathtubs filled by waterfalls and even circular turrets with never-ending windows. Take a coffee tour, climb volcanoes and pamper yourself with the Citrus Milk Bath Soak.

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Costa Rica Treehouse Lodge

Intricate tree houses only a stone’s throw away from the sands and rolling surf of Punta Uva beach helps you to stay in sublime style in one of the most popular eco-retreats in the rainforest. With organically converted homes offering you sustainable and comfortable living in the trees, where trunks flow through the rooms and birds of paradise perch on the branches.

Costa Rica Jungle Retreats Treehouse Lodge 1

Adrenaline junkies will adore the chance to surf and white water raft directly on their doorstep whereas those guests seeking simplicity and bliss in the midst of nature will adore a gentle spot of yoga and plenty of canoe trips with indigenous guides.

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Jodie Oakes

Jodie Oakes

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