Country Travel – 20 Inspiring Options for Jetsetters

Where do you head to on your next trip? Well, it depends on the way you envision your vacation. Do you want to switch off your mobile phone and spend a leisurely week on a secluded Caribbean island in the lap of luxury? Or, maybe you want to explore the Mayan ruins scattered across Mexico? Or, perhaps you want to discover the beauties of the Great Barrier Reef on a diving adventure?

Again, the same country may offer diverse experiences for different travelers. While a history-buff is sure to admire the art and architecture of Italy, a gourmet will be more interested in the culinary escapades the country offers. Before you plan your next trip, you need to decide which country suits your interests, tastes, inclinations and whims.

Here’s a list of 20 of the most popular tourist destinations across the globe to experience country travel at its best.

1. Italyfor a glimpse of awe-inspiring art and architecture

20 inspiring country travel options for jetsetters Italy

2. USAfor a road trip across small towns, quaint villages and big cities

3. Turkeyfor an exclusive journey into the variegated past

Pammukale, Turkey

4. Thailandfor a taste of the exotic

20 inspiring country travel options for jetsetters Thailand

5. Francefor a feel of the innate art de vivre

Paris, France

6. Indiafor a multi-faceted journey of exploration


7. Australiafor the surprises that await you around every corner

8. South Africafor a date with the untamed in the wild

Cape Town, South Africa

9. New Zealandfor a quirky adventure to experience nature, culture and food

20 inspiring country travel options for jetsetters NewZealand

10. Greecefor a passionate rendezvous with the past


11. Spainfor a taste of the good life

Sagrada Familia

12. Canadafor an escape into the realms of wondrous nature

Fogo Island, Canada

13. Malaysiafor a multi-tiered experience to satiate the soul

20 inspiring country travel options for jetsetters KualaLumpur

14. Brazilfor the dramatic juxtaposition of modern metropolises and primitive nature

20 inspiring country travel options for jetsetters Brazil

15. Mexicofor a journey of discovery of its multihued soul

16. Argentinafor a classic cocktail of myriad attractions and activities

17. Vietnamfor an easy enjoyment of life’s simple pleasures

18. Croatiafor a remarkable coexistence of simplistic cities and glitzy towns

Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

19. Cambodiafor a tryst with the checkered past

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

20. Portugalfor a fantastic adventure that fascinates the senses


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