Crater Ngorongoro: Mans First Prints

Africa; the jewel of the heart, home of the wild, and the place where man took his first ever steps. Over three million years ago a volcano collapsed, leaving a deep dent in the universe, as the millennia passed this hidden crater became steeped in the riches of African wilderness, trees bloomed, baby antelope struggled to their feet, birds flocked and the long yellow grasses swayed.

Lions sleep in the heat of the dizzying sun, herds of wildebeest tear across the valley and pink flamingos dazzle the sky in a rosy glow. This is Crater Ngorongoro – the emerald sparkle in the prized jewels of Africa.

Crater Ngorongoro See Mans First Prints 1

Image Source: By Gary Simmons via Flickr

Sultry safaris are at the heart of many great adventures and you can stand on the edge of the world and gaze down into the sweeping bowl of wilderness beneath your feet. Scaling the massive monolith walls of the crater takes you to the heart and allows you to take a ride across the wild hunting grounds where the delicate dance of life and death is forever hanging in the balance. Trek through the rich trails with the hopes of spotting rare black rhinos hidden behind the trees and sit down in the shade with the elegant gazelles.

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Image Source: By William Warby via Wikimedia Commons

After converging with the sweet breath of nature, you can then make tracks to find out the secrets of the ancient Massai people. Greeted by the beating of drums, the traditional dance and welcomed with a local feast is something that will leave you awestruck in your tracks. Let the locals’ guide you on a journey through the Ngorongoro Conservation, slipping silently through bushes, creeping up on wildlife and picking medicinal herbs is a cultural experience few have the chance to witness.

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Be sure to finish at the Olduvai Gorge where you can see walls adorned with ancient fossils and the remains of man’s first tools reminding us all of the steps we took from the past to the present. For those who believe in the theory of everything, the crater is a pilgrimage we all should take.

Top Image Source: By epcp via Flickr

Jodie Oakes

Jodie Oakes

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