Cuba Rum and Antique Charm

Although it may be hard to get your foot in the door every moment you spend in the rhythmic streets of Cuba will be well worth the hassle. There is something enigmatic yet open about the tiny isle with its troubled past. True the shelves may be bare and the facades crumbling away but watching the old men light up  Cuban cigars on the sidewalk cafes, seeing an old soviet car rumble by and admiring the flood of stormy skies over the gentle blue sea more than make up for the lack of shopping.

Cuba Rum and Antique Charm Experience 1

Image Source: By Gareth Williams via Flickr

There seems to be an antiquity about Cuba especially in the thriving city of Havana, yet back on the beaches you will find lavish resorts with every hint of luxury you could need and open air courtyards where the birds flutter through. Colorful buildings back against a flush of jeweled lush greenery, fishing boats ticker past with their nets cast and sleepy-eyed fishermen squint out at you, mojitos leave a fresh lime taste clinging to your lips and at night the sensual sound of a strumming guitar echoes from every bar on the street.

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Yet back to the beaches, the perfect way to explore the gifts of white sand and blue bliss is by chartering a boat and spending hours diving into crystal waters and listening to the elegant bird song that seems to ripple through the air. Jardines del Rey truly is the garden of kings boasting the swaying palms and rum soaked sands that have long been immortalized by Ernest Hemingway.

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Image Source: By Guillaume Baviere via Flickr

For something a little wilder and hard to tame you can head to Baracoa where the dark black sands link the verdant green jungle, the tropical tangle of mangroves and the velvet sea. As all the resorts boast inclusive options you will never be shy of things to do, whether its sky diving over the sweep of the ocean or riding a horse across the moonlit sands, your stay in Cuba is one that is sure to be steeped in Cuba rum, fun, and pristine white sands.

Top Image Source: By Bud Ellison via Flickr

Jodie Oakes

Jodie Oakes

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