DamaDama Restaurant at Argentario Resort – An Unforgettable Culinary Experience

In a country known across the world for its elegant and carefully crafted cuisine, DamaDama Restaurant stands out as one of Italy’s culinary gems.

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Executive chef Emiliano Lombardelli combines passion with precision in every dish. His focus is on taking the fresh, natural ingredients sourced from our vegetable garden and orchard, and from selected local farms, and turning them into some of Italy’s most exciting gourmet creations.

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For guests looking to experience the true taste of Italy, chef Emiliano’s tasting menu will take them on a journey of discovery that engages every sense, as the flavors, colors and aromas come to life as never before.

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Guests who are passionate about their waistlines as well as their food can enjoy mouth-watering low calorie meals following a round of golf at the Argentario Golf Club, which boasts one of the most beautiful courses in Tuscany. Or, perhaps after an indulgent spa session at our leading Espace Wellness Centre.

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The DamaDama Restaurant’s contemporary and eco-conscious design blends perfectly with the Argentario Resort’s other facilities, providing a continuity of décor that extends from our luxury hotel rooms to the ironically amusing pig tables of the lounge bar.

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Inspired by an elegant mountain retreat, the restaurant acts as a flexible space, providing cozy, candlelit boudoirs for meals on cold winter nights and a spacious terrace with panoramic views for long, relaxing summer evenings.

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The wine list has been designed as carefully as the menu, under the careful stewardship of the renowned wine connoisseur and journalist Luca Maroni. Local wines from southern Tuscany’s Maremma region have been selected to pair beautifully with each and every flavor of chef Emiliano’s delightful dishes, creating the perfect accompaniment to every meal.

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The DamaDama Restaurant serves more than just food – it provides guests with an experience that delights the senses and ensures that each and every mouthful becomes an unforgettable moment.

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