A Day in the Life of a Superyacht

MY Starfire will sweep you away on the charter adventure of your dreams. The luxury superyacht of Captain Carl Sputh boasts mesmerizing surroundings, sublime destinations and a dedicated crew who are truly passionate about providing silver service and excellence out at sea. From gliding away into the hazy blues of the Greek Islands to sailing into the sunset to seek the far flung shores of the Caribbean, we invite you to see the world through the eyes of a blissful superyacht experience.

A Day on a Superyacht 1

Splash into the Blue

With the sun streaming through your master cabin window you can shake the dreams from your head and stir in the sweet comforts of morning. Start your day with a splash as you dive from the deck of MY Starfire into the sparkling blue waters. Feel the salt kiss your skin and refresh all your senses before climbing out and bring wrapped in a fresh, fluffy towel from a smiling crew member.

A Day on a Superyacht 2

Breakfast with a View

Settle down for a divine breakfast on the sundeck and gaze out at the rising jewels of volcanic ridges or green flecked islands in the distance. Sip freshly brewed deep and dark coffee, pick from a platter of freshly baked flaking pastries and nibble on exotic fruit feeling the juices run through your fingers. Take a moment to read your favorite papers or even move on to a cheeky morning mimosa with freshly squeezed juice.

A Day on a Superyacht 3

Exquisite Adventures

After soaking up some sun on the plush day beds you can indulge in exquisite activities. My Starfire boasts a startling array of tenders and toys ensuring that every day brings the spirit of adventure. With a qualified diving instructor on board you can dive into the inky depths of the water and discover bountiful coral gardens teeming with life. Those seeking thrills above the waves can splash and shout as they waterski behind the boat or duck under with the bobsea. Guests seeking a little time and space can glide across the shimmering waters on kayak.

A Day on a Superyacht 4

Lunch on Secluded Shores

For lunch nothing can compare to the joie de vive of having the chef pack a gourmet picnic and taking the Jet Ski to discover secluded shores. Whether you find a pirate cove in the Caribbean or a secret strip of sand in Greece; spread a blanket and graze on bulging black olives, beluga caviar, grilled crab claws and succulent sushi rolls. Pop the cork on a vintage white and linger lovingly in the sands as you watch the tide race in before leaving again with a gentle sigh.

A Day on a Superyacht 5

Healing Hands

Back on the opulence of MY Starfire gift yourself an hour or more of perfect pampering to soothe tired muscles and rebalance the mind. Start in the sauna and let the cleansing steam draw out the toxins before cooling down with a dip in the ocean. In the sweet serenity of the massage room our onboard masseuse will bring harmony back to the body with healing hands and soothing essential oils.

A Day on a Superyacht 6

A Moment to Unwind

With the sun starting to tumble and the light bathing the world in a rosy golden glow this is the perfect time to take time out and simply lavish in your surroundings. Sip a cocktail in the gently bubbling Jacuzzi on the sundeck, flip through a good book curled up in the comfort of the upper deck or write a few words in your journal savoring the moment in a peaceful nook with generous sea views.

A Day on a Superyacht 7

Supper Soirees

When the sky hangs stars around her neck like a string of pearls why not take a moment to refresh, slip into something special and head to the dining room for a sumptuous feast. With a beautiful buzzing ambience, suppers on MY Starfire are something special. Let the crew top up your champagne and bring you dish after dish or sheer perfection with the finest fresh ingredients purchased from the local markets and fishermen.

A Day on a Superyacht 8

Cinema Beneath the Stars

MY Starfire even boasts its own beautiful outdoor cinema for classic movie watching beneath a blanket of stars. You can curl up under the softest touch of cashmere and watch your favorite film on the big screen to the hypnotizing sound of the gentle waters moving beneath you.

A Day on a Superyacht 9

A Special Nightcap

With a delectable array of top shelf spirits on hand you can choose the perfect nightcap to send you to bed with a warm glow. Finish the perfect day breathing in the vanilla notes of a glass of Crown Royal Whiskey, sip the sunshine captured in a glass of chilled Ventura Limoncello or indulge in the clean taste of an Oban 14 Year Single Malt Scotch.

A Day on a Superyacht 10

Golden Slumbers

Sun kissed, sweetened by food and wine and with loose lofty limbs, it’s time to carry yourself into a golden slumber in the soft feather bliss of your oversized bed. Plump pillows, rich sheets and the ambient surroundings of polished wood invite you to slip away into a divine night of dreams.

A Day on a Superyacht 11

Carl Sputh

Carl Sputh

Captain at MY Starfire
Captain Carl Sputh spends the majority of his time at the helms of MY Starfire, a 178' superyacht for charter. When ashore, he enjoys traveling the world, driving his custom Triumph motorcycle and learning to fly helicopters.
Carl Sputh