Diving Koh Tao: A Thai Adventure

Jaw dropping in her beauty, sublime in her energy and flooded with chic vibes, diving Koh Tao seems to blend all the good parts of Thailand. It’s true that Koh Tao does have a few dark spots that mar the picture postcard vision but for those travelers who play it safe you can certainly find your soaring spirit when diving Koh Tao. Long tail boats sit proudly on white washed shores, the ebbing tide patters in and out and when the sky isn’t forget me not blue it’s bruised with dramatic storm clouds that sweep you with their electric mood. Amethyst lilies line the lush green edges and there is little that you will want to do other then watch your footprints in the sand, sip iced beers and plunge in and out of the incredible blue waters.

diving Koh Tao Thailand 1

Image Courtesy: commons.wikimedia.org/DanTaylor

The laid back party spirit seasons the mood without being an all-out raucous rage that leaves you limping to bed at ten am. After spending days swimming with rays and sharks in the sea, snoozing in a hammock beneath a swaying palm and exploring the depths of the jungle on a quad bike you can sip a cool beer at one of the beachfront bars. Dig your feet into the sand and watch a glorious sunset or climb onto one of the traditional boats and set sail into the setting sun, beneath a sky bursting with flames of color.

diving Koh Tao Thailand 2

Koh Tao is world renowned as being one of the best spots for those seeking to discover an underwater paradise. Divers flock to these shores to become certified and spend endless days floating underwater with giant sea turtles, chilled out sharks and millions of colorful fish who love to flit in and out of the rainbow coral. Boutique accommodation on the sands ensures that the beach becomes your own backyard and the perfect place to indulge in fresh fish barbeques every night until the small hours of morning.

diving Koh Tao Thailand 3

Top Image Courtesy: flickr.com/ericmolina

Jodie Oakes

Jodie Oakes

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