Discover an Urban Oasis at the Away Spa Montreal

Modern luxury takes the stage at the Away Spa Montreal; the cozy style spa is an urban oasis of soft greys, thick white robes and a touch of Asian bamboo to add to the Zen like charm that sweeps you away as soon as you shut the door to the city behind you. This isn’t a spa that feels like it’s trying too hard to impress, to whisk us away and ply us with romantic notions, it’s a spa that embraces the freedom to be cool with a hint of designer sex appeal that snugly fits with the modern world.

Discover an Urban Oasis at the Away Spa Montreal 1

Time to Rest and Play

With only six treatment rooms the Away Spa doesn’t feel like we are being rushed at all, there is time to rest and time to play. Despite the cool compact size the menu doesn’t miss a beat offering lavish spa treatments designed to soothe the racing pulse that accompanies fast paced city living.

Discover an Urban Oasis at the Away Spa Montreal 2

Ritual Massages from Across the Globe

Ritual massages are borrowed from every corner of the globe so guests can select inspiration from the part of the world they feel an inspired connection with. Choose black olive scrubs and ocean inspired treatments from the rolling vineyards that sweep down to the Mediterranean. Opt for pearl dust and Indian touches to awaken your spirituality or select coconut flakes and the poetry of the desert with a rich Arabian aromasoul.

Discover an Urban Oasis at the Away Spa Montreal 3

Bloom into Something Beautiful

With our mind reconnected and our soul harmonized it’s time to align the body. Sore muscles and swollen joints are soaked in rich Italian Monticelli mud to decongest and give way to renewed delight. The rebalance facial encourages the wear and tear of skin to rebloom into something beautiful with deep hydration, algae masks and the sheer pleasure of pearls for pigmentation.

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Perfectly Designed Spa Packages

Perfectly designed spa packages make a stay at the Away Spa a simple feat without the fuss, the Royal Treatment comprises a soft essential facial, full pedicure, manicure and tailored massage to fulfill the promise of being good to your body, mind and soul. The Sacred Nature Ritual will nourish hungry bodies from tip to toe by giving the gift of Mother Nature’s finest inspired treatments.

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Book a Day Away

There are many divine things to love about the Away Spa, valet parking means you can write off worry as soon as you swing by along with complimentary tea and warm staff who are ready to cater to every whim to make this experience truly special. Book a day away at the Away Spa in Montreal and readdress the balance of body, mind and soul.

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Jodie Oakes

Jodie Oakes

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