A Divine Day of Luxury in Riga

The Latvian capital is rich in regal architecture, close knit winding lanes pressed in by pastel colored buildings, stately squares and sunshine soaked boulevards. Even the tight closed fist of the Soviet Union couldn’t quell the beating heart of this divinely inspired European city that seems to be just as pretty as Paris and boasts plenty of cultural glory. From its gorgeous old town to palatial hotels, lavish boutiques and lavish dining scene take a glimpse at how to soak up the best and treat yourself to a day of luxury in Riga.

Explore the Old Town

Start the day with an inspiring stroll around the maze like alleys and picturesque squares of Riga’s old town. Boasting the infamous beauty of the House of Blackheads, the reconstructed town hall and the Dome Cathedral you can soak up the splendor of this UNESCO wonder. Meandering through the Old Town is like taking a step back in history with its 19th century cobbled streets, its medieval restaurants offering rustic fare and its shadowy castle still standing proud on the ebbing banks of the Daugava River.

Explore the Old Town Riga

Lunch at Central Market

After working up an appetite with all the wandering you should be sure to dip into the bright and airy Central Market for an authentic eating experience. Arouse your hunger as you linger over the rainbow colored stalls spilling over with glistening fruit fresh from the vine, freshly dug vegetables and jars of amber gold honey. Buy some warm baked rye bread, mountain fresh cheese, villager’s pickled cucumber and bursting red berries and find a quiet spot to spread out a delectably fresh picnic.

Lunch at Central Market Riga

Splash the Cash at Berga Bazārs

The small boutiques of Berga Bazars are one of the most upmarket places to shop in the whole of Riga. From Russian furs to handcrafted luxury soap, old European maps to specially curated chocolates and liquors, you can lose yourself in the heady whirlwind of beautiful items. On Saturdays the famed farmers market rolls into town offering an extraordinary array of divine cuisine and crafted produce from the rolling hills. Wandering through the stalls and shops, sitting at a chic sidewalk café and soaking up the magic is the perfect way to spend a couple of hours.

Splash the Cash at Berga Bazars Riga

Stand on Peters Church Tower

The oldest and most valuable of Riga’s heritage buildings has to be St Peters Church, not only will you be blown away by the soaring Gothic steeple but inside you can find lofty vaults, secret passages and a fascinating history that tells the story of when the church burnt to the ground after being struck by lightning. You can climb the spire of St Peters and gaze out across the glistening fairy tale rooftops of the city, all the way across the river banks and into the rolling greens of the hills that race to meet the horizon.

Stand on Peters Church Tower Riga

Dinner at Vincents

In one of the prettiest parts of Riga you can find the fine dining institute of Vincents. Martins Ritins is the head chef and his clientele have included some spectacular names in the star studded world. You will love the modular snowflakes, innovative lighting and emphasis on detail and design that complements the dining room as you sip classic cocktails in sheer style. Food is fresh and every bit as fabulous as you could imagine with iced oysters, Japanese black wagyu tartare, forest fresh venison and appetizers dressed with 23 karat gold leaf. Paired with perfect sommelier precision you can be wined, dined and utterly seduced by the art of culinary elegance at Vincents.

Dinner at Vincents Riga

Sleep in the Grand Palace Hotel

The grandest and most ornate place to rest your head in Riga is true to its name. The Grand Palace Hotel is a breath of old world European flair with its dedicated attention to detail, five star service and opulent suites laced in contemporary colors and modern comforts. You can lounge in plush king-size beds, swim in the deep bathtubs and enjoy a divine nightcap in the luscious surroundings of the chic and trendy lounge where all the beautiful people seem to be.

Sleep in the Grand Palace Hotel Riga


Jodie Oakes

Jodie Oakes

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