Dreamy Experiences beneath the Northern Lights

The swirling kaleidoscope of the Northern Lights is a once-in-a-life-time experience and nature’s greatest show. Nothing can compare to sitting in the silence of a snow-covered eve where the stars ebb and pulse against the velvet night. Suddenly the sky flares with color as ethereal greens, golds, and a touch of rose, slip and swirl and move above your head as though someone has turned the world into a living lava lamp.

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The aurora borealis is truly an experience full of wonder and shrouded in mystery, magic and the essence of the universe. Seeing it will make you feel small, closer to space and as though the door to another universe has opened up. For those who want the divine experience of the Northern Lights to linger, take a look at these dreamy experiences beneath the myriad sky to see the light.

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Snowmobiles and Sami Tents

Push your way across the world of white with a snowmobile tour of the Northern Lights to the Russian Border. Break the world of eerie silence with the roar of a fast engine as you gallop across the country under the flashing hues of the midnight sky. Warm up besides the licking flames of your campfire and taste freshly caught king crabs before retiring to your traditional Samí tent for a soft sleep beneath furs.

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Bliss inside a Bubble

The aurora bubble is without a doubt the best way to experience the lights. Imagine the sky as your roof inside a heated bubble cuddled up in a double bed with your loved one. Outside the wilderness of an arctic night may rage but your bubble will keep you safe and dreamy and able to fall in and out of sleep, always waking to the dreamy lights bursting and turning overhead.

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Chase Great Whales and Bright Lights

Head to the world of glass on the shores of Iceland and spend your days chasing majestic killer whales in the cold blue sea. Special conservationists can take you on a nautical adventure to the edge of the world where you can witness these incredible gentle giants of the sea in their natural habitat. At night to the soundtrack of whale song you can soak up the blazing midnight sky as it changes from emerald to gold to black.

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Out in the Wild

Bask in the beauty of the lights with a true wilderness experience lavished with luxury. Yellowknife is the gateway to the Northern Lights and you can lose yourself in the remoteness of the Blachford Lake Lodge nestled at the entrance to the great Canadian arctic. Sip champagne in the bubbling outdoor hot tub as you watch the silent firework show of the aurora. Afterwards taste fresh maple syrup on snow and curl up next to the roaring log fire in your cabin.

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Chase the Lights along the Coast

Stand on deck and explore the rich waters of Norway as you chase the lights from coast to coast. Beautiful voyages with fresh seafood, fine wining and a deck to stand out beneath the mass of sky all sets the scene for a magical experience. Everyone knows the Northern Lights can be elusive but finding them by boat allows you to chase them along the shore in sheer luxury.


Jodie Oakes

Jodie Oakes

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Jodie Oakes