Ecuador – Land of Amazing Experiences

Ecuador is a culturally rich country replete with historical artifacts and attractions geared towards luxury adventure travel! Besides cultural affinities, the land is blessed with natural wonders that simply make you fall in love with its natural landscapes, over and over again. Tropical forests, lush green and thick gardens and volcanic sites are some of the attractions crowded with inquisitive visitors eager to explore this land.

Ecuador A Land of Amazing Experiences Laguna Quilatoa

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The best lure that urges visitors to travel through the country is the awesome river rafting experience down the great river Amazon. The experience of this adventure travel experience beats the world class sports and entertainment options throughout the world.

Here’s what to do in Ecuador while you are on a vacation here.


It is the highest and most active volcanoes with more than 50 eruptions to its record. The record is more than enough to attracttourists from all over the world to witness the site. With a height of 5,897 m, it creates yet another record of being the second highest range in this region. The peaks of the summit are densely covered with snow and thus offer a treat to watch for visitors, right from Quito.

Ecuador A Land of Amazing Experiences Cotopaxi

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Nariz Del Diablo

Nariz Del Diablo is a beautiful train line connecting two towns, Sibambe and Alausi. The train is a dream project that takes the passengersthrough the breathtaking landscapes of the great Andes. Visitors simply hop on the train and enjoy the beautiful landscapes that change their vistas as the train traverses through. Themarvelous engineering and tremendous hard work invested into making this project a reality is indeed exemplary.

Ecuador A Land of Amazing Experiences Nariz Del Diablo

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Banos, a small city, is thronged by visitors all-round the year owing to its spectacular location. Believe it or not, the city is located at the foot of an active volcano, Tungurahua. It is the epitome of tourist attraction as the city is a gateway to undertake adventurous jungle tours within the realms of the countryside. It is for the same reason it is often termed the “Gateway to the Amazon”.

Ecuador A Land of Amazing Experiences Banos

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Tena is treated as the main point from where tourists begin their journey to the great jungles of Amazon. Other than being a point to reach the jungles, it is an immensely beautiful rainforest located in the midst of Amazon. Travelers visit the place simply to enjoy the serenity and purity.

Ecuador A Land of Amazing Experiences Tena

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The cinnamon industry is the heart beat of the city, as it keeps its people going.It’s also the main pillar that supports the economic structure. Supplying bulk quantities to the buyers throughout the country and abroad is the chief occupation of the natives here.

Whether it is admiring the beautiful churches or enjoying the moderate climate of the Amazon rainforest, Ecuador is replete with landscapes and places worth appreciation. Tourists to this region, located at the Equator of the Earth, take with them an array of beautiful memories when they return home.

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