Edinburgh – The Home of Hogmanay

With fifty percent Scottish blood coursing through my veins, it’s fair to say Scotland has always had a place close to my heart. I have visited so many places throughout Scotland – the Highlands, Loch Ness, Gretna, Isles of Craig, Glasgow and many, many more places, yet Edinburgh still remains something special.

If you’re looking for vacation ideas, and are considering visiting Scotland, what about staying in Edinburgh during Hogmanay?

If you’ve never heard of Hogmanay, it is the celebration of New Year in Scotland (though this extends well beyond the Scottish borders these days). It starts New Year’s Eve and continues well into the morning, though often spills over into the next day or so too, and is unquestionably one of Edinburgh’s top attractions.

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Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital, knows how to party for Hogmanay and does it so well. It is considered the Home of Hogmanay and even has a website dedicated to the event.

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If you don’t have any relatives living in or around the city, be prepared to book well in advance for accommodation or travel. There are plenty of places to stay. From swanky luxury apartments through to basic rooms. Also, if you plan to attend any of the huge number of events such as live music events, club parties and street parties, be sure to get your pass well in advance.

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There are also plenty of shuttle services that run, so if you prefer being able to leave the party and retire to quieter accommodation, consider  holiday rentals outside of the heart of the city. This may also be more pleasant the next day when revellers are still not ready for bed and continue singing in the most unrefined way.

The weather allegedly does play a part in the success of the evening. I personally think even the weather couldn’t dampen the party spirit – but perhaps that was because when I went we were blessed with a cold crisp evening. We chose to enjoy the massive street party, which for a small fee meant we could go inside the cordoned area of the Golden Mile as long as we could flash our wristbands.

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It is fair to say that there are a LOT of very drunk people, doing what drunk people do, but everyone is in such high spirits I never saw any violence, just very merry, happy people. I was surprised to see how many people from different countries were there – Americans, Dutch, Canadian, German, Australians and a load more besides – all having a truly fantastic time.

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The live music was spectacular – live bands and distinguished DJs played music well into the morning, with plenty of bars and food stalls to keep the party spirit going. There was also fairground rides and plenty of other street acts to keep the entertainment flowing.

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The fireworks display from Edinburgh castle was a real highlight for me. Having spent many, many visits to the castle when I was younger, it felt like a bit of a homecoming. But as everyone linked arms with friends old and very new to sing Auld Lang Syne, for me it cemented why Edinburgh for Hogmanay is something everyone should experience once – a great bucket list idea!

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Image Courtesy:Grant Ritchie

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