Eguisheim Alsace: Wine Route Guide

Wine lovers will find their own piece of pristine paradise along the  Wine Route when they stumble into the village of Eguisheim Alsace . With its simple sunlit dappled vineyards, its breath of fresh air tumbling down from the mountains and its famous aromatic grapes crushed to make the perfect cup of wine, Alsace is one of the most famous wine routes in the old world. Eguisheim, with its soft pastel painted buildings bunched together edging narrow cobbled streets; its plethora of flowers hanging from every balcony and its tinkling fountains is enough to make you want to stay forever.

Eguisheim Alsace Wine Route Guide

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Called the cradle of the Alsatian Vineyards, Eguisheim’s streets wrap around the center with a strong history that dates back as far as the 13th century. On peaceful midsummer eves, nothing compares to wandering the maze of streets wrapped in a cashmere shawl seeking someplace special to sip wine by twilight. With close to 50 vigneron homes it is well worth spending the afternoon rapping on doors and tiptoeing down into cellars to taste the best in homemade pleasures. The castle and the church hold enough history within their walls that they are sure to appease those with a penchant for the past.

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Dining in Eguisheim is a dream with the best French finesse seasoned with a hint of Germanic magic and designed to inspire the palate after a glass of fine wine. With one Michelin star tucked under its belt the Caveau D’Eguisheim fresh tartars, summery fish dishes and hearty German sausages. Seek out Au Vieux Porche for a lunch of garlicky escargot, golden quiche Lorraine and farm fresh cheeses.

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There are plenty of darling places to stay for those seeking rest and respite in Eguisheim with many places boasting a rustic French affair that is sure to make you sigh in delight at the simplistic designs. Charming flower studded B&B’s, personal Gites and beautiful bungalows offer soft beds and sunlit windows. Even though summers are blooming with flora, flooded with sunshine and served with chilled whites, winters in Eguisheim can be a delight. Every year Christmas market lights twinkle in the village square and locals cram together to sample charcuterie and spiced apple wines.

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