Eleven Madison Park – Brilliant Culinary Experience

New York City hardly needs an introduction. Known to all for its influence on everything from fashion to finance, this city is one of the world’s top tourist destinations. New York City has even been dubbed the ‘cultural capital of the world’.

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It is a bustling city that simply teems with people from all backgrounds and walks of life. And this is certainly evident in the range of dining experiences that are available. There are many top fine dining restaurants in ‘the city that never sleeps’, and Eleven Madison Avenue is regarded by some of the strictest critics as the best that New York City has to offer.

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Eleven Madison Park is a stylish 1920s Art Deco restaurant that offers a lesson in the unexpected. Dining at this world class eatery will unleash a host of surprises, such as starting with a mysterious box tied with string or a series of ingenious card tricks.

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The one thing that can be anticipated, however, is superior cooking using only the best ingredients that will result in an awe-inspiring dining experience. It’s no wonder that the Swiss chef Daniel Humm has won an array of awards, stars and impeccable reviews.

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The menu is modern French with a NYC influence. The multi-course tasting menu showcases both the produce and the traditions of the city. The inventive dishes are all examples of elegant layers of flavors. Think of the likes of: cognac-soaked foie gras dressed with truffles and a crumbling of rye, lobster poached with sea urchin, razor clam and kale, and celery root braised with black truffle.

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This is an experience never to be missed while you are here.

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Eleven Madison Park Address: 11 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10010 Ph: 212.889.0905 Email: info@elevenmadisonpark.com Website: wwww.elevenmadisonpark.com/

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