Emirates Palace – Ultimate Luxury in Abu Dhabi

For many years, luxury travelers visiting the Middle East have all gathered to the famous city of Dubai. Known throughout the world for its ultra expensive buildings and amenities and for hosting marvels such as the world’s tallest building, the city has quickly become a premier luxury travel destination for discerning vacationers. However, another city is quickly battling Dubaifor being one of the most opulent in the Middle East, the capital of the UAE: Abu Dhabi.

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The list of impressive features in the city is nearly unending, and the time in which this town transformed from a few tents in the desert to one of the richest cities in the world is even more astounding. This is a city where you will find grand mosques, roads literally lined with marble, and the infamous Emirates Palace. Anyone looking to experience true luxury while visiting this thriving town will find there is no better place to experience Abu Dhabi at its finest than at this hotel.

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While some may classify the Emirates Palace as a five star destination, it is actually one of the only seven star hotels ever created. Perched high above several flights of stairs and overlooking the water, this hotel truly lives up to its name of being the city’s palace. Filled with real Arabian splendor, this hotel spares no expense when it comes to creating an unforgettable experience for visitors.

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The hotel cost approximately 6 billion USD to make, and seeing the retreat in person allows any visitors to see why this hotel was such an extravagant build. The main palace is more than a kilometer long and has more than 100 hectares of meticulously manicured gardens. The building is sprinkled with 114 domes as well as an impressive central dome that changes colors in the evening.

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Upon entering the hotel, guests will be awed by the more than 1,000 chandeliers that can be found throughout the establishment and the expansive marble and gold floors. The hotel sits on its own private beach and also has two swimming pools and spas.

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For a truly decadent experience, there are several suites in the hotel, furnished in gold and marble. The top floor of the hotel has six of the property’s most luxurious suites, known as the Rulers’ Suites. However, these suites are reserved only for Emirati royalty and dignitaries.

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For those who are only visiting the city for a day, but still want to take in the beauty and luxury of this hotel, Emirates Palace offers a truly unforgettable high tea experience. Enjoying afternoon tea at this hotel is a fabulous way to take in the unique architecture of the building and enjoy some truly incomparable treats and pastries as well.

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The hotel also hosts several premier dining establishments inside its walls. Even if it’s only for an evening, or a quick stop for afternoon tea, those looking to experience luxury in one of the world’s fastest growing cities, will not want to miss out on the opportunity to indulge at Emirates Palace.

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