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Bryan Peele, President of the Estate Managers Coalition, is possibly the most knowledgeable man in Los Angeles when it comes to managing the lifestyles of L.A.’s most powerful movers and shakers. As an estate manager himself, Peele shares his principal’s love of luxury and possesses a finely tuned talent for flawlessly overseeing lavish estates and luxe events. But staying on top of the top of the world is not as easy as it might sound, so he and his organization endeavor to educate, organize and continually improve skills and knowledge.

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Whether he is talking about installing an in-home theatre system, keeping a Kosher kitchen or managing the house staff, Peele shares his knowledge and hires other experts in their fields to lead Master Class workshops for LA’s top estate managers. Peele innately understands the art and science of overseeing a 10,000 square foot estate and ensures every task is executed with distinct precision and excellence.

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Peele’s Master Classes showcase the most important elements of managing a luxury estate, including the proper way to inventory a wine cellar, etiquette classes and the art of private services on a jet. Catering to America’s ultra-high-net-worth-individuals means understanding every facet of luxury from caring for Frette Linens to serving a properly chilled bottle of Moet. Peele’s Master Classes aim to provide ongoing education for premier estate managers to stay on the top of their game at all times.

Here, Peele shares five of his top tips for caring for Frette Linens.

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Most Frette fabrics can be washed in water and do not need to be dry-cleaned. Linens should be washed before they are used for the first time, as fine fabrics are not pre-washed.


Dreft is the only detergent of choice for luxury linens. It can be hard to find in stores but Peele suggests ordering it on Amazon. Dreft leaves linens so soft they usually don’t even need to be ironed.


If you machine dry, only use low heat. However, Peele prefers to hang fine linens in the sun to air dry. In addition to the freshening effect and the lack of wrinkles, the sun has a natural bleaching effect on white linens.

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Use a high quality, heavy gauge steam iron – Peele’s favorite brand is Rowenta products. You can iron bed sheets and tablecloths while they are a bit damp, it makes it easier to remove the wrinkles and obtain a fresh and crisp look and feel. Avoid using starch sprays.


Make sure you know the proper way to fold linens, especially fitted sheets, as an organized linen closet is a must-have. Fold the linen flat, make sure it is not exposed to light, and organize by type of linen.

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The most critical element of estate management is to flawlessly execute every detail with precision and extreme attention to detail. What the principals might not notice, Peele will, and he vigilantly oversees his staff to ensure the household runs seamlessly, or at least it appears to, which is why Peele is known as the savviest estate manager in Los Angeles.

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