Fashion & Beauty Milan: A Luxe Look at Life and Leisure

Fashion&Beauty Milan offers an insight into luxury leisure options and opportunities in Milan, Italy. Whether you are a luxury traveler or an avid shopper, this glossy magazine is your key to discovering the best choices you have while you are in this European fashion hub.

Be it the launch of a new lineup from a famed couture brand or the exhibition of rare pieces of jewelry, this magazine misses nothing! It is your one-stop spot for finding out all you want to know about what’s happening in the world of luxury and fashion.

Want to know about the latest trends in fashion footwear? Or, want to find out where to go for an elegant dinner while you are in Milan? Or, maybe want to take a look at the best Italian wines? Fashion&Beauty Milan offers the answers you seek.

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Issued bimonthly, Fashion&Beauty Milan is available in English and Russian. With its 140-page content focusing on luxury leisure and lifestyle, it sure is a great magazine for every tourist looking forward to a luxury experience in this beautiful Italian city.

You may find the glossy magazine at your place of stay, at your golf club, or at the spa you visit. And voila, you have Milan’s luxury world within easy reach! But that’s not all; an online version of this magazine is also available.

Spread in select categories of Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle and City Guide, Fashion&Beauty Milan is your perfect pathfinder for finding the best in class experiences in this wonderful European center for luxe living and land of never-ending leisure.

Planning your rendezvous with mesmeric Milan? Take a look at the latest offerings, best choices and excellent events from the online guide – Fashion&Beauty Milan. And while you are there, get a glimpse of the glossy edition of the magazine too.

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Maxine Genier

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