Five Nightclubs in Italy for Passionate Partygoers

During the day, visitors to Italy indulge in history, great food and long conversations in cafes. At night, the country comes alive in the many nightclubs in different cities. Here are the five greatest Italian nightclubs:

1. Cocorico, Riccione

– Cocorico opened in 1989 in the hills of Riccione. From a distance what stands out is the architecture. The main Pyramid room is a pyramid-shaped glass structure that can be seen from a distance. The club’s success is due in large to its artistic director, Fone. Throughout the years he has added different spaces to keep Cocorico fresh. Some of these include the Morphine room, dedicated to electronic music, Hello Sex, an outdoor room that caters to a gay audience, and Strix,an environment in the women’s bathroom.

Five Great Italian Nightclubs Cocorico

2. Duel:Beat, Naples

– Duel:Beat is a three-room multifunctional club in Naples. In addition to having some of the top DJs nightly, the venue also hosts music, film and art exhibits. Duel:Beat also hosts a lot of live music acts throughout the year. The venue opened in 2005 and has attracted visitors from all over the world since.

3. Tenax, Florence

– Tenax is often regarded as the most authentic Italian club in Florence. The club was founded in 1981 as an alternative to the new grunge sounds that were coming into the country from the UK. Over the years it has transformed into a meeting point for artists, musicians and designers. Tenax attracts quite a few celebrities as well as global performers.

Five Great Italian Nightclubs Tenax

4. Guendalina, Santa CesareaTerme

– This open air club was opened in 1997 and runs from May to September. It features several bars, a pool, and a terrace around an arena. DJ David Guetta was a notable mainstay at Guendalina for years. However, the club also likes to break new underground talent.

Five Great Italian Nightclubs Guendalina

5. Il Muretto, Venice

– Il Muretto is one of Italy’s oldest nightclubs. It opened in 1961 in Venice and has somehow managed to maintain relevance in changing times. In earlier years, it played host to international stars like James Brown and Mina. Today, it features some of the biggest DJs in electronic dance music.

Five Great Italian Nightclubs Il Muretto



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