Flores Guatemala – Tikal’s Island Escape in Lago de Peten

Rarely do you find such a setting – a colonial village nestled on an island in the middle of the lake.

Flores An Island Within Lago de Petén Itzá 1

Welcome to Flores, a beautiful community on a small plot of land in the center of Lago de Petén Itzá in Guatemala. Quaint lux restaurants and cool hotels line the cobblestone streets – most provide breathtaking views of the surrounding lake, and adorable boutiques sell local Mayan artifacts and colorful textiles.

Flores An Island Within Lago de Petén Itzá 2

Connected by a small causeway to Santa Elena, Flores evokes a mix of both Caribbean and Mediterranean ambience with a dash of Mayan culture. You will instantly notice colonial architecture decorated with typical Guatemalan style; local fisherman passing nearby on their dug-out canoes, and an air of festivities that will keep you smiling. In Flores, you can easily listen to Bob Marley in a seaside cafe; have a bite to eat in the Spanish plaza; or simply sit on the seawall taking in the local vibe.

Flores An Island Within Lago de Petén Itzá 3

Although you can easily tour the island in less than an hour or two, you will most likely stay longer in Flores, charmed by its unique setting. As you tour the island, you will inevitably walk along the peripheral street that is now partially submerged under water, making for an interesting stroll.

Flores An Island Within Lago de Petén Itzá 4

If time permits, hire a small covered boat to nearby “playa” for a sunset swim in Lago de Petén Itzá; climb the Mirador for a 180-degree view of the surrounding vista; rent a kayak for an hour sightseeing tour, and visit the local Mayan Museum hosted on a close by tiny island.

Flores An Island Within Lago de Petén Itzá 5

Although most tourist will stay in Flores as a jumping point to Tikal, this village should simply be a travel destination in itself for a perfect island escape. Think of adding Flores on your next Guatemala road trip.

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