Four Charming Kyoto Luxury Hotels to Discover

Kyoto is a city where one can appreciate Japanese history whilst enjoying its modern culture. This combination of old and new is echoed in the city’s landscape that incorporates natural scenery and artificial structures that draw tourists alike. Kyoto is a city of history, culture and beauty. This is reflected in its world class luxury hotels, four of which we’ve highlighted here.

Four Charming Kyoto Luxury Hotels 1

Hotel Kanra Kyoto effortlessly combines tradition and culture with modern sophistication. The lobby features screens that change their colors and patterns in accordance with the lights and sounds of the immediate environment. The rooms combine traditional elements such as tatami mats and white paper hangings with modern comfy furnishings. The larger rooms have private outdoor courtyards while the Kanra Suite has a private outdoor bath.

Four Charming Kyoto Luxury Hotels Hotel Kanra Kyoto

The Hyatt Regency Kyoto is a pleasant digression from what you might expect from a big chain. The well-known Japanese firm, Super Potato, has created a contemporary style with Japanese elements. Traditional Japanese materials such as bamboo are incorporated in modern sleek lines. This hotel offers world class luxury, from the spa and fitness centre to the spacious rooms and fine cuisine.

Four Charming Kyoto Luxury Hotels Hyatt Regency Kyoto

Staying at The Screen is a true experience in and of itself. This hotel comprises of just thirteen rooms so attention to detail is guaranteed. Each room has been decorated by a different designer, ensuring that each guest receives a unique experience in stylish Japanese accommodation. There is a private lounge, an open-air lounge and the Adonis spa for indulgent relaxation.

Four Charming Kyoto Luxury Hotels The Screen

The Mume Hotel is an intimate hotel that offers seven rooms in four different styles. The décor defies any clear classification: bold prints and modern bathrooms are combined with antique-style furnishings and vibrant period references. The Flower Suite offers breathtaking views of the river and mountains. This unique Kyoto luxury hotel has a bold presence and gives guests an individualized experience.

Four Charming Kyoto Luxury Hotels Mume Hotel

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