The Best Resorts of the French Riviera – Ultimate Luxury Coastline

Located on the Mediterranean coastline of the southeast, the French Riviera is considered to be an extension of the Italian border in the east to Saint-Tropez, Hyeres and Cassis in the West. Known as Cote d’Azur, it forms the best place to be visited during a summer vacation and is regarded as the first place ever to be developed as one of the best resort land.

French Riviera The First Modern Resort Land 1

The Riviera has been developed in such a way that you get to experience luxury and fun, along with the thrill and excitement that is fundamental to any holiday. The beaches are beautiful and calm where you get to explore the hidden love, and the luxury hotels make you enjoy beautiful views while sitting in your room. This is what the developers have been struggling to achieve: to make your experience the most memorable one!

French Riviera The First Modern Resort Land 2

In view of making Cote d’Azur the first best resort land, careful insight and planning has been done to make it a place that offers luxury as well as an enthralling experience. The planning starts with your decision to get there, and you have the option of plane, train and bus. Once you land in the city that spreads magic, you will get to know why it is renowned world over for its luxe.

French Riviera The First Modern Resort Land 3

The Riviera Resort is spectacular and magnificent, which has made it quite famous among the tourists. Its private beaches and the beautiful views are the reason why a majority of people choose to spend their holiday on the magical resort land.

French Riviera The First Modern Resort Land 4

As the location of the resort is along the coastline, the beaches appear to be the common feature along with the availability of yachting and cruising to add to your luxurious visit. To make sure you are kept entertained, there are museums, several high end shopping malls, aqua parks and casinos that make your experience a truly unique one.

French Riviera The First Modern Resort Land 5

There is a great bunch of elite hotels and top-class restaurants as well as less expensive inns in view of the resort’s popularity. If you have been looking for a place which combines the elements of natural beauty with facilitations, Cote d’Azur is the right option!

French Riviera The First Modern Resort Land 6

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