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Now that we have found salty water flowing on Mars how long will it be until the first luxury resort springs up tempting travelers to come and see sublime fiery edged sunsets and the stars from a whole other point of view? Whilst there may not be flying cars in our skies just yet, make no mistake the future of travel has one foot on the platform and the other foot on the train.

Travel trends are ever evolving, if you look back on what holidays once were to what they are now you are sure to see a stylized revolution. Before the turn of the century the destinations were cookie cutter with everyone flocking to Spain or edging towards the Caribbean, there was no such thing as on-the-road technology so you were truly hurled into the foreign way of life without a moment to pause for breath and check for tips on your smartphone. Now, the world is at our fingertips, and we are looking further afield into the wild for a trip that leaves us breathless. As far flopping beside the pool, forget it, 21st century travel is all about surf camps, volcano boarding, jungle canopy trekking, rock climbing, and there are even water jet packs to propel you across the ocean. Adventure travel has long been on the rise and we are traveling further afield to test our prowess. Curious as to where the dazzling world of travel was hurtling to next, Marriott Rewards Credit Card from Chase asked Americans to envision their holidays of tomorrow and to give their opinions on what the gleaming travel trends could look like by the year 2030.undefined

A Brave New World of Transport

According to the survey it seemed that only 24% of Americans think that flying cars and transatlantic trains (26%) will be replacing air travel any time soon. Whilst the idea of taking a swift journey beneath the sea and popping up on another continent sounds classy the odds are that we are not quite there yet. Yet there are rumors of airships making a comeback, it has been some time since the Hindenburg tragedy and technology has moved forwards in leaps and bounds. You could very well be taking your future air-bound adventure sitting back with a glass of champagne and drifting serenely through the pink swirl of clouds in the whale like belly of a beautiful airship. Already the British-built Airlander 10 prepares to make her maiden voyage in the not too far and distant future. Along with the way you get there, a staggering 50% believe that human face recognition technology could replace passports altogether, which means you will no longer have to worry about misplacing your passport.

Explore Norway Nature Lights

Bigger, Bolder Shapes and Experiences

If you think that Dubai’s seven star hotel and Bora Bora’s overwater bungalows are dazzling then, if the future comes true, the array of hotels is sure to blind you. Over 51% of travelers believe that the future of hotels is set to be extreme, getting even more unique and dashed with daring extremity to make a weekend stay a little more exciting. Whether it’s a floating snowflake hotel drifting around the Arctic Circle, perfect for watching the gold and green dance of the Aurora Borealis, or whether it’s a giant Ferris Wheel with each pod a perfect room for admiring the skyline of Abu Dhabi, there is no doubt that hotel architecture is only going to get bigger and bolder. Already 40% of survey respondents recognized that underwater hotels could be widely available in the next decade or so. Imagine taking a submarine a thousand leagues beneath the sea to get to your luxury suite, sleeping with windows peering out at shoals upon shoals of bright and brilliant fish, imagine walking tours across the seabed and the bottom of the sea as your very own garden, it certainly catapults the term ocean view into a whole new light. For the future you can expect hotels to pop up even closer to the clouds and as far down as the bottom of the sea bed. You can expect hotels carved into caves and cliffs, hotels that float and hotels that simply seem out of this world.

Unfolding the Forbidden and Eco Travel Zones

The world is getting smaller and our ambitions seem to be getting bigger, with this in mind it seems that the forbidden zones are starting to draw curious adventurers to pull back the curtain on the unknown. Already adventure travel to wild and exotic destinations is making its mark, especially with an emphasis on eco travel. A mammoth 71% of those surveyed agree that Americans will choose “Eco Travel” destinations for vacations. We already see this in places like Costa Rica where exploration without leaving a trace on our gorgeous and delicate world tempts travelers to fly through the treetops. Forbidden zones are also on the rise as classic well-trodden destinations like the Caribbean, Europe, and South East Asia burst at the seams with backpackers. Think Lebanon as the new Paris with its lashings of mountain trails, fresh tabbouleh and glorious glugs of wine, think offbeat Angola with its dark hearted Congo rainforests and it’s barely before seen festivals of vibrant color.

With technology advancing every day, air travel becoming smoother, faster and more affordable, our choices for destinations becoming rawer and filled with wonder, and hotels offering so much more than the simple turn down service, the future of travel is bright promising that one day we are sure to reach the stars. Start planning tomorrow’s travel today with the Marriott Rewards Credit Card from Chase.

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