Galapagos – Graceful Nature Escape

Nature’s favorite kingdom is waiting to invoke all your senses in the sensational wildlife playground of the Galapagos. Balmy temperatures, blissful beaches and a wealth of creatures great and small make the grace of the Galapagos Island a simply divine place to be.

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From blue footed boobies to splashing seal pups, bright scuttling crabs and giant sea turtles, you can spend days devouring the natural island safari, relaxing in world-class accommodation and watching exotic sunsets with the scent of wildflowers spilling down across the sea.

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Unique Resorts to Relax and Unwind

The Royal Palm Hotel perched on the shores of the Galapagos makes for an excellent choice when it comes to luxury resorts to relax and unwind. The unique resort is hidden in the verdant green highlands of the Santa Cruz Island and boasts a long and winding lava tunnel, natural outdoor Jacuzzi and an enchanting environment of color and charm.

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The Royal Villa offers a four-star bed beside an open fireplace, indoor sauna and private gardens, so you can soak up the pristine ambience of the floral surroundings. Colonial style al fresco dining is encouraged at the beautiful Three Finches Restaurant and the curvaceous pool is ideal for a morning dip.

Mother Nature’s Finest Show

There is no better way to spend your days in the grace of the Galapagos than interacting with nature. Birds and beasts on these isles seem to have no reservations when it comes to getting up close and personal, making it a Darwinian adventure to be explored.

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Snorkel with sea lions in the sapphire depths of Santa Cruz, kayak alongside the gentle giants of the sea with a whale adventure and visit the tortoise ranch to sit alongside these ancient wizened beasts.

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Luxury Catamaran Cruises

Discover a different side to the splendor of the Galapagos with a luxury catamaran tour of the archipelago. Away from the shores of San Cruz this is the only way to explore the safari of island life. Trail your fingers in the warm rich waters and send schools of bright rainbow fish scattering, dive down into the deep and swim alongside green sea turtles.

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Indulge in a soft morning brunch watching the bright plumed birds and the blue footed boobies duck down into the waves to catch their breakfast. Along the way you can dive from golden cliffs, enjoy gourmet dinners on board whilst watching the midnight stars flood the sky and sleep in plush spacious cabins to the rhythms of the sea.

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A Bounty of Pleasure in Every Bite

Dining on the enchanted islands truly is an occasion with every bite. The absence of major chains ensures that all restaurants deliver something special, unique and with all the flavors of personality thrown in. Fresh seafood flows in abundance and at Familiar William’s you can indulge in humble local surroundings with every morsel of fish soaked in coconut.

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The Iguana Crossing serves up fresh suppers without the fuss. Call in after a barefoot walk for the traditional Sancocho stew crafted lovingly from the gardens and the sea. For something a little more up-market the Royal Palm boasts a menu of kings with its signature ceviche, slipper lobster, and Arroz con Leche with Cinnamon Ice Cream.

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