Get ready for the Oktoberfest in Munich!

From September 21nd to October 6th 2013, Munich will once again celebrate its renowned Octoberfest season with millions of people gathering in the heart of the Bavarian capital. It is a feast in honor of the wedding of King Ludwig 1st and Queen Maria Theresia of Bavaria, which took place in 1810!

Today the world´s biggest folk festival is popular for its excellent Bavarian beer (provided by six Bavarian breweries), its large, yet cozy beer tents, that have a capacity of up to 10.000 men, the Bavarian sweet dishes like Dampfnudel and Vanilla sauce or Warm Apple Strudel and last not least the Bavarian traditional costume apparel which locals wear all over town- even during the day, even in business.

Get ready for the Oktoberfest in Munich!

The girls wear colorful “Dirndl” dresses in a 50ies cut, along with white cotton blouses with puffy sleeves and combined with aprons to complement the skirts. The boys wear brownish leather pants (so called “Lederhosen”) with Bavarian stitcheries in combination with checked shirts. During two weeks, people enjoy the local food machinery, dance on wooden benches and drink enormous amounts of beer.

The Octoberfest has grown to an international melting pot of people with but one thing in mind: to celebrate until they drop!

And some indeed do drop rather soon! The Bavarian beer served at Octoberfest is a tad bit stronger than the usual brands you can find in supermarkets. 6.0 percent alcohol by volume is standard at the Oktoberfest in comparison to 5.6 percent in regular beer products. Attendees who have not prepared for that will soon pay the price.

But let´s take a closer look at the highlights of the famous two week festival.

14 beer tents, which belong to six different breweries from all over Bavaria allow for thousands of people to find a seat or take a stand inside, where they can enjoy food and music without boundaries.

The six breweries are called Löwenbräu, Paulaner, Augustiner, Hacker Pschor, Hofbräu and Spaten.



tent – where they serve Spaten beer – is the biggest tent of them all. The

Käfer Schenke

(as seen in the images) is rather small and cozy. It is a nice place for lunch and after work.

Celebrities and starlets enjoy the


tent with its rather modern music -a mix of German Schlager and contemporary hits.

Young crowds visit the


tent, older people take their toll at the


beergarden, which is located around the Augustiner tent and allows for delicious dishes to be enjoyed underneath the mild September sun.

Get ready for the Oktoberfest in Munich!

To properly prepare for the Octoberfest, it is quite recommendable to schedule the arrival in Munich a few days before the actual start on September 21st. This leaves time to shop for authentic Bavarian costumes, which can be found at Munich´s finest department store “Lodenfrey”. Visitors and young crowds often buy cheaper apparel at countless little stores that open specifically before and during Octoberfest. These costumes are fine for a day or two, but do not represent the real Bavarian feel.

For those that like to spend some money, there are popular designer labels like

Lola Paltinger


Berzaghi & Freymann

. Their brands can be found at Lodenfrey, but also are available upon request in the designers´ studios.

Here are some hints on how to find out, whether a Dirndl dress is authentic wear or a cheap counterfeit:

– Look for the fabrics: 100 % cotton, linen and silk dresses promise good quality. 100 % polyester is fine too!

– A good dress offers a very strong bodice. Some have little rods incorporated, in order to provide a firm silhouette.

– Lace on hemlines are popular details

– The cleavage needs to be accentuated nicely

– A petticoat provides for extra volume underneath the skirt.

Also mind: There are rules of where to tie your apron bows. Wearing the bow at the right side, means that the lady is in a relationship (or married), wearing them left means that the girl is still in the market, the front stands for virgins, the back for widows. Bavarians are very straight-forward, after all.

In terms of leather pants for men, these details help make out quality wear:

– Take a look at the trouser pockets: if the leather looks thick and strong even along the pockets, that´s a good sign!

– Again, check the fabrics! Authentic Bavarian leatherpants are made of deerskin or goatskin, not calf leather.

You can acquire expensive leather trousers at Meindl Fashion in Kirchanschöring a mere 100 km outside Munich. A selection of Meindl products is likewise available online.

Get ready for the Oktoberfest in Munich!

For those that like to experience more of the Bavarian lifestyle, taking a tour to the renowned lake Tegernsee (an hour outside the city) is very recommendable. There one can find hundreds of craftsmanship stores with authentic costumes, beergardens by the lake and countless wooden huts where they serve Bavarian home-style cooking at its best!

Locals from Munich like to take these tours during the weekends in order to relax from work. It is therefore recommendable to go during the week, when it is less crowdy.

If you can make time to stay in Munich a bit longer until after the final day of the Octoberfest, you will be surprised to see people jump back to normal within a day. The city goes back to business as usual, dresses and leather pants are replaced by jeans and pullovers, Brezels and cream cheese are replaced by healthy salads and pasta.

Munich is alterable. A city that offers multiple contemporary lifestyles at a high level without giving up on traditions and “Gemütlichkeit (= coziness)”. It is worth a trip at any time. The Octoberfest

See you in September then?

Article written by Katrin Wellenberg; Katrin Wellenberg is a Munich-based media expert with an expertise in lifestyle topics and energy-related topic. She is 30 years of age and a regular attendant of the yearly Oktoberfest.

Photo Credit: Sandra Eckhardt Photography

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