Hakkasan New York – Modern Authentic Cantonese Cuisine

Upon entering Hakkasan New York, you’ll feel like you’re part of a beautiful maze. The 80-ft long corridor leads you to the main dining area known as the “cage,” which has several intimate dining spaces separated by carved dark oak walls, creating a sense of exclusivity for guests. This restaurant is posh, yet relaxed, with a deep blue color scheme, red pink undertones and semi-transparent glass and mirrors. One of 12 restaurants around the world, Hakkasan NY is a modern authentic Cantonese restaurant serving Asian-inspired dishes, cocktails and desserts.

The first Hakkasan restaurant opened in London in 2001, and since then expanded to 12 major cities, including Mumbai, Abu Dhabi, Las Vegas, Miami and Shanghai. The New York restaurant was the second to open in the U.S. Even though the restaurants are located throughout the globe, every location has four same features: the “cage” dining area, a blue glass wall bordering the kitchen, a Ling Ling lounge, and a light water effect behind the bar.

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Hakkasan NY has an extensive menu made up of shareable plates that are served as they’re prepared. The menu also includes signature dishes that are featured at all 12 Hakkasan restaurants, and several signature menu options that include small plates, main dishes, and desserts for a fixed price.

To start your dinner, try the fried soft shell crab with curry leaf and chili. This crunchy, light appetizer is made with one whole crab breaded in potato flour, egg that’s sent through a strainer and then flash-fried, and bird’s eye chili.

Hakkasan Restaurant New York 2

A must-try dish is the vegetarian steamed dim sum platter, which includes morel crystal dumpling, bamboo dumpling, chive flour dumpling and lotus bean curd roll. Each dumpling is delicate and carefully handcrafted, with the freshest ingredients and flavors that come through in every bite.

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For the main course, try the spicy prawns with lily bulbs, almonds and curry leaves. This well-balanced dish has a light curry flavor with a spicy kick, and a sauce that’s so delicious that you’ll want to douse the prawns in until none of it is left.

Another excellent choice for the main course is the pipa duck – a filet of duck, roasted and cut into mini squares, served over Hoi Sin sauce. It’s a simple dish, but the skin is extra crispy while the meat remains juicy and tender with a sweet and salty taste.

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Whether you decide to have a drink before, during or after dinner, be sure to head to Hakkasan NY’s Ling Ling bar to watch the bartenders craft their Asian-inspired specialty cocktails, like the smoky negroni – pictured below. Made with Ransom Old Tom gin, Carpano Antica Formula vermouth, and Campari with Grand Marnier smoke infusion, the presentation is just as sophisticated and enjoyable as the drink.

Hakkasan Restaurant New York 5

Don’t leave Hakkasan NY without trying their specialty desserts – once you set your eyes on one, you won’t be able to keep your spoon off the plate. Rory Macdonald, executive pastry chef of Hakkasan’s U.S. locations, has a refined approach to creating indulgent, lush and beautifully executed desserts.

Below are just two examples of his fall creations. The kabocha pumpkin pie in the front has a brûléed top, graham cracker crust, coconut marshmallows, crystalized fennel, candied cranberries and fresh coconut sorbet – think of it as crème brûlée meets a pumpkin pie. Behind the kabocha pumpkin pie is a coffee and salted chocolate ganache, with black sesame rice puffs, meyer lemon sorbet, a chocolate cigarette and caramelized popcorn.

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Hakkasan New York 311 West 43rd Street, New York, NY 10036 Tel: +1 212 776 1818 Website: http://hakkasan.com/

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