Haleakala Hawaii: House of the sun

Maui seems to capture the very essence of pure Hawaii with its verdant volcanoes, its Azul blues and its frothy pink hibiscus flowers blooming through every nook and cranny. Myth and legend seep through the lush fertile soil, soft music drifts through the balmy air and waterfalls dive into soft green lagoons deep in the shade of the trees. Yet there is one place in Maui that seems to hold the secret to paradise and that is the national park above the clouds, Haleakala Hawaii, also known as the House of the Sun.

Haleakala Hawaii House of the sun

Image Courtesy: commons.wikimedia.org/AmeliaLeubscher

Sunrises over the shores of Hawaii are always spectacular but in the House of the Sun they seem to be tinged with an extra splash of magic. Standing high on the dizzying dormant volcano, a step above the wisps of clouds you can witness the sky sing itself a little song as it sheds the black of night for dreamy pinks, lavenders,  and golds all woven with threads of baby blue. Visiting the House of the Sun is a hands on adventure that will take you through the ancient landscapes of modern day Hawaii. Walking through red dusty tracks, pushing through the thick bamboo forests, watching rare birds circle overhead and breathing in the salt sea breeze that rolls in from the ocean is truly something special.

Haleakala Hawaii House of the sun 1

Image Courtesy: flickr.com/JoeParks

Watching the sunrise is a must, but your journey shouldn’t stop there. The park is calling out for expedition and adventure, whether you take a horseback ride along the volcanic ridges and trails, hike to the peaks or seek out crystal clear waterfalls and streams. Those who wish to rest their head on the mighty pillow of the earth can even wild camp and watch the sky buzz brightly with scores of burning stars. Sunsets in the Haleakala National Park are equally as spectacular as the mornings and listening to the native birds call from afar, you are sure to sleep soundly.

Top Image Courtesy: commons.wikimedia.org/Briancorll

Jodie Oakes

Jodie Oakes

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