Hidden Small Hotels in Israel

From the chic and trendy streets of Tel Aviv to the biblical romance of old Jerusalem, the flooding dusty colors of the Negev Desert and the shimmering salt waters of the Dead Sea, Israel is brimming with wonder and fabled delights. Israeli hospitality will welcome you with honesty and a warm smile particularly when you choose to indulge in boutique bliss.

You can find an array of perfect properties, small hotels and beautiful suites waiting. Whether it’s sitting in the shadow of the Mount of Olives or the shores of Acre, these hidden small hotels in Israel are ideal for a luxury stay.

Hotel Montefiore, Tel Aviv

As soon as you glance at the imposing small splendor of the Hotel Montefiore your mind is whisked back to the 1920s, with only twelve rooms and an incredible sense of design, this is Tel Aviv’s trendiest place to stay.

Hotel Montefiore Tel Aviv Israel 1

Rooms are spacious and bedecked in stylish blackened wood with pale walls and a soft oversized bed. Contemporary art work from young emerging artists adorns the walls and bright books line the shelves in the personal library of every room.

Hotel Montefiore Tel Aviv Israel 2

Lofty ceilings and gleaming wooden floors make this a dazzling oasis where a private chauffeur is more than happy to drive you around and you can start the morning with zesty cocktails and Viennoiseries.

Hotel Montefiore Tel Aviv Israel 3

Efendi Hotel, Acre

On the glistening shores of Acre you can find a hint of boutique luxury that will feel like a breath of fresh air from the moment you step inside. The Efendi Hotel sitting pretty in the ancient port town blends rustic chic with Ottoman grace. Sunlight streams though the large windows adorning every turn and rich cotton sheets invite you to sink down in a golden slumber encouraged by the salt sea air.

Efendi Hotel Acre Israel 1

You can melt away your worries in the steamy Hammam, let the tailored energy of an Ayurveda massage flow through your bones and step back in time by sipping vintage wines in the 900 year old cellar hidden beneath the hotel.

Efendi Hotel Acre Israel 2

Bayit Bagalil, Hatzor, Galilee

Surrounded by the shifting sunlight and tall trees of Biriya forest, flanked by jagged mountains and with the mirage of the Sea of Galilee in view, the Bayit Bagalil is one of the most tranquil spots you will ever stumble upon in the whole of Israel. The Mediterranean inspired chateau is crafted from natural stone and scores of boutique wineries can be found on the doorstep making it a perfect destination for a little rejuvenation.

Bayit Bagalil Hatzor Galilee Israel 1

Rooms are bright, restful and filled to the brim with luxuries, from the stone bathroom with Jacuzzi to the goose down pillows and plush bedding. Deep in the forest you can find a delectable sensory spa offering hot stone massages, yoga terraces and an azure open air swimming pool where the scent of pines seeps into every pore.

Bayit Bagalil Hatzor Galilee Israel 2

Alegra Boutique Hotel, Jerusalem

The romantic stories entwined with the Alegra Hotel will have you tingling from head to toe, originally built as a declaration of love these stone walls hold many secrets and capture the soul of the two lovers who gave up everything to live as one.

Alegra Boutique Hotel Jerusalem Israel 1

The lush Mediterranean gardens permeate the air, the gurgling waterfalls provide an inspiring soundtrack and the dedication to detail is sure to sweep you off your feet. Each suite is named after famous lovers and boasts cotton flower bedding, champagne and boutique chocolates and sweeping windows offering stunning views.

Alegra Boutique Hotel Jerusalem Israel 2

Contemporary art collaborates on the walls of the hotel and exclusive spa treatments can help you unwind on the spectacular roof terrace boasting sublime glimpses of Ein Kerem and the Judah Mountains.

Alegra Boutique Hotel Jerusalem Israel 3

Scots Hotel, Tiberias

Steeped in history and blending timeless tradition with new world wonder the Scots Hotel is a former 19th century hospital. Now with stunning grounds and its own art gallery showcasing beautiful paintings and sculptures you can truly find a sense of balance and calm in Tiberias. The antique rooms boast soaring ceilings and basalt rock with oversized beds and glistening water views.

Scots Hotel Tiberias Israel 1

Peeling coffee bean treatments, mineral salts and holistic massages are there to refresh the senses after a day exploring the wonders of the Sea of Galilei. Sundown cocktails and beautiful breakfast spreads are best enjoyed in the charming gazebos surrounded by the fragrant flora of the gardens.

Scots Hotel Tiberias Israel 2

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