Honeymoon Destinations: Top 40 things to do in Antigua

There is nothing quite like being dazzled by the sweet breath of new love and on the silver sand shores of Antigua it seems that romancing is written in the stars. As one of the worlds favoured honeymoon destinations, Antigua is every bit the island paradise your eyes long to linger on. Cloaked in the green flush of exotic flora, with waters as iridescent and warm as indigo, this is the place to sway in soft hammocks, sip cocktails with celebs, and even learn how to sail. There are so many inspiring things to do in Antigua that you will find yourself soaked to the bone in sunlight, surf, the sweet splash of rum and delectable seafood. Antigua is layered in the perfect shades for love with single footprints in the sand, outstanding natural scenery, secrets carved into the coast and beautiful suites and bungalows that blend chic artistic living with a dash of luxury and barefoot bliss. As with much of the grace of the Caribbean you cannot help but fall fast for the idyllic island life that Antigua offers when on a world splurge. It’s time to put the champagne on ice, scatter the rose petals and prepare for a flourish of romance that will leave a trail of stardust in its wake with these wonderful things to do in Antigua.

Nelson’s Dockyard

With blazing natural trails laced in the sweet scent of seawater and flora, old stone buildings from the 17th century, and boutique shops, restaurants and bars, Nelson’s Dockyard seems to capture the very spirit of all the things to do in Antigua and blends them together in one inspiring spot. The old English harbour is hailed as a prized possession, the jewel in the crown and a place where you can wander around the slab stone buildings that glow in the light, dip in and out of the boutiques and eateries, wander the trail and duck into the small museum to learn all about the sailors that passed through these parts. Up on Shirley Heights you can catch one of Antigua’s staggering sunsets and probably one of the reasons it is so beloved when it comes to honeymoon destinations. Resting your head on your lovers shoulder feeling the evening breeze stir and watching the golden yolk like sun melt over the iconic image of Antigua is a memory worth keeping.

Stingray City

The giant gentle angels of the sea, those looking for once in a lifetime things to do in Antigua are going to fall in love with the sweetness of Stingray City. Imagine waters so clear and blue it sparkles like Topaz, imagine cool arms enveloping you as you sink down beneath the mirrored surface. Imagine stingrays drifting softly close by, reaching out your hand, petting them, feeding them and even taking them in your arms. These encounters with these graceful creatures are certainly something special. Hailed as the puppies of the sea there is something lolloping, lovely and completely spellbinding. Spending an afternoon frolicking in the gin coloured waters, splashing with the smiling stingrays and knowing that they are wild and free and simply inviting you to play for the day, this is something that will soften every contour of your heart and make you incredibly happy.

Springhill Riding Club

Honeymoon destinations are often littered with intimate activities to keep you and your loved one laughing together from the first light of dawn until the last star has faded out. Take a moment to picture yourself and your lover riding stallions along the sands, feeling the spray of salt water douse your skin, feeling your heartbeat gallop with the hooves and cantering through the deep velvet forests where exotic flowers bloom with a ruby heart. The Springhill Riding Club is something special, offering you the chance to feel your own horse’s hot breath, the slick movement of its back, the wind in your hair and even the rare chance to swim with your beautiful beast in the warm and luscious Caribbean waters. Though sand and coral, balmy waters and sea breeze, through field and forest and pastures bright, riding ponies across the breadth of Antigua is as romantic as it gets.

Half Moon Bay

It’s no secret that the musical shores of the Caribbean are littered with perhaps some of the world’s very best beaches and Half Moon Bay certainly shimmy’s it’s way right to the top of the list. Looking like a plump crescent slip or an overflowing wine glass, Half Moon Bay is a beautiful paradise of pink tinted soft shell sands flanked by pure green, and cerulean blue waters that ebb from light to dark inviting all who see her to plunge right on in. Half Moon Bay is also an amazing spot for snorkelling meaning that you and your spouse can hold hands as you kick through the dreamy gauze of blue, admire the colourful crust of coral, and send fishes scattering in a ballet of beautiful proportions. As you shake the salt from your hair and flop onto the sands with a cold beer in hand suddenly you realise why Antigua is crowned as one of the best honeymoon destinations on earth.

Museum of Antigua & Barbuda

Even though the sheer bliss of the endless beaches, the rum soaked cocktails, the white sailboats and the beauty of your luxury villa may tempt you to stay away from museums, the Museum of Antigua & Barbuda is one not to miss. Culture vultures will appreciate that this is one of the most important things to do in Antigua especially if you want to turn the pages beyond the holiday brochure and take a closer look at local life. You can glimpse back at history that spans over ten thousand years, you can see how the islands were born from the mystery of the blue, you can peruse ancient tools and artefacts, stand awe struck by the flora and shells that have been collected and fall in love with homemade pottery, books, and handicrafts. Everything is colourful and everything maps out the magical story of Antigua.

Papa Zouk

Caribbean food is something that leaves your mouth watering and fortunately there are tons of restaurants scattered across the clear blue waters that simply can do no wrong. Fresh fish swimming in coconut and spice, rum poured with a generous hand, the rhythm of Caribbean flair digging its heels in the sand, and fairy lights strung up in the window blinking against the changing colours of the setting sun – this is an island institution, this is Papa Zouk’s. Nothing can compare to seeking out this little Caribbean gem with sun salted and brown, bagging a table, throwing your head back in laughter as you converse with the owner and letting rum, rum and more rum pave the way for a fabulous night. The pan fried snapper, the bright claws of a Barbuda lobster, the simple seafood delights, there is nothing fancy or pretentious about this little nook of the world. For those nights when you want laid back vibes and killer Ti punch, nothing quite stands up as loud and proud as the offbeat little rum shop called Papa Zouk’s.

Mount Obama

Once upon a time Mount Obama was simply referred to as Boggy Peak, that is until a special United States election, a historic win, and a new slant of sunlight cast its golden glow across Antigua’s highest point. Mount Obama is a beacon of beauty and reminds you just how amazing it is to reconnect with nature and explore the world’s serene selection of outdoor spaces. Climbing the rugged mountain terrain where the flowers peel their petals and blush, the jungle canopies hang thick, and fig trees stand as tall and open as parasols offering their sticky sweet fruits to passers-by, this is one of the most amazing things to do in Antigua. The mountain ridge meanders gently and won’t take you days of toiling to meet the top, in an hour you could well be standing on top of the world gazing down at the shimmering waters waiting to welcome you in below. Pack a picnic of cold beers, rainbow coloured fruits, Johnny cakes and salted fish – find a shady nook and graze in peace and quiet as you take in the view.

St. John’s Cathedral

Every city you step foot in you are sure to be dazzled by an array of historic buildings, monuments, cathedrals and churches, yet St. John’s Cathedral still manages to  make you catch your breath a little. The rising domed baroque towers, the iron entrance, the pale moonlight coloured stones carved with care and its constant need to be reborn. The Cathedral started its life curated from wood in 1683, it went on to be adorned in stone until an earthquake struck, and then once more in 1847 the structure was rebuilt and still the Cathedral stands. The placement of St Johns takes you spiralling through the lively downtown where you can stop to duck in plenty of colourful shops, haggle over at the market, and freshen up with a shot of rum and a plate of fresh fish. Another reason as to why Antigua is so much more than a generic honeymoon destination but is a place soaked in sublime history, deep cut heritage, and a complex culture.

Falmouth Harbour

Falmouth Harbour is the perfect place to spend a little time wandering around admiring the grace and elegance of the collection of superyachts that drop anchor in the marina. This is where you will find all the nautical events in full swing whether it be regattas, sailing week events, or charter yacht meetings. The sweetly shaped horseshoe curve arcing over the clearest brightest blue waters is certainly a heavenly welcome to the land of paradise. To one side you will find the green mountains rising and falling like well written poetry and all the yachters out in full swing as they make their way to the balmy collection of boutiques, restaurants and rum punch bars that can be found close by.

Fort James, Antigua & Barbuda

The cannons are still there, but quieter now as they stand waiting for the hour to come when they can send their booms blazing out across the bay. These cannons haven’t been fired since the 19th century, when the whole of Antigua would stand still as one boomed at sunrise and another at sunset to mark the passing of ships. The views from the lookout are still as impressive as they ever were with an endless horizon of blue, crumbling stone laced in gold, and the remains of a colonial era that has sketched its way into history. Many visit Fort James on horseback, and others stop to swim in the bright blue waters of the beach that sits below. In the reconstructed officers’ quarters you can chow down on fresh seafood straight from the bay and ice cold drinks whilst listening to soft jazz and soaking up the splendid sea views in a much calmer fashion then was offered back in the day.

Miguel’s Holiday Adventure

Some days are just laid out on a silver platter waiting for you to indulge in the sheer and simple joy of living, and Miguel’s Holiday Adventure could be just that day you have been waiting for. For close to forty years Miguel and his wife have been taking guests out over the waters to the dreamy spot of Prickly Pear Island, for the chance to while away long lingering hours, swimming, snorkelling and feasting on West Indian delights without a care in the world. Taking the boat across the blue you will come to a small slip of an island, a place where there is barely anything but sand and sea taking you right back to the element of paradisiac charm. As one of the Caribbean’s top snorkelling spots you can discover the world beneath the waves, you can feel the sunlight loosen your brow and you can laugh along with the other guests. After working up an appetite under water it’s time to sit in the shade, raise a glass of rum and feast like sea kings on lobster, rice and peas, potato salad, fresh conch and every local delicacy you could dream of.

Darkwood Beach

Dream honeymoon destinations shouldn’t lack when it comes to soft white sands and the score of turquoise water lapping at the bay, Antigua knows this, and takes its beaches seriously. Darkwood Beach may conjure up images of volcanic sands and rocky coves but as soon as you see the long stretch of peach pearl sands, the crystal waters, the empty shoreline and as soon as you feel the kiss of oyster riddled breezes caressing your neck, you will know that you have indeed found paradise. Things to do in Antigua often can be whittled down to walking barefoot in the sand, swimming, snorkelling, swaying in a hammock and dreaming of all the things you never had time to dream about before. Sea urchins drift in the shallows, local children laugh, and just down the way you can find a small rustic refreshment stop serving cold beer and the catch of the day.

Hell’s Gate

As soon as you first catch sight of the imposing drama of Hells Gate your imagination starts to whir and you can easily picture pirates passing beneath the gate. The rocky archway is pockmarked and carved and through the naturally made window you can catch sight of the Atlantic blue and blazing, crashing with white capped locks against the stone walls. Only accessible by boat you will feel as though you have stepped into another world, far from the serene turquoise and gold beaches and into something that lives and swirls and breathes. This is one of those incredible things to do in Antigua, when you drop anchor and swim in the fresh and cool salt waters, climb onto the sharp cascading rock and watch the birds screech and sing as they make their way to the Great Bird Island.

Turner’s Beach

The waters on Turner’s Beach are always calm, as soft and sun dappled as a limpid lagoon and with plenty of things to do only a stone’s throw from the shore. This is one of those beaches where you can spend the day, lounging in the bright and balmy sunshine, splashing in the bright blue waters, snorkelling around the shallows, and finishing up with a bucket load of ice cold beers and beautiful food at the local bar. Tiny hermit crabs scuttle down to the waters and sometimes you can find local vendors selling their crafty wares on the fringes. Find your way to the white picket fence that wraps around Turner’s Bar, inside the air is cool and gently caressed by the salty sea breeze, you can order up local fish curries and rum punch to wash it down. As the sun starts to melt to make way for night, head back to the shores for a sunset swim, a time when everything turns a rosy gold sending a shiver of delight right down your spine at the pleasure of being caught in one of the world’s most romantic honeymoon destinations and one of the most incredible beaches in Antigua.

Antigua’s Donkey Sanctuary

There is something so sweetly heart-warming about Antigua’s Donkey Sanctuary where soft fuzzy four legged creatures nuzzle against your hand and tiny foals practise braying beneath a blue sky. With close to 150 donkeys who have been down on their luck, rescued and loved, this place really is enough to restore your faith in humanity. The star of the sanctuary has to be Stevie, the blind donkey who lost his sight after being struck by a car. Yet Stevie’s loving nature flows like honey and he is always happy to be fed by hand and to soak up all the sunny attention he can get from visitors. The staff are clearly smitten by their donkeys and take great pleasure leading you through introductions and telling tales regarding each and every member of their clan. The donkey sanctuary is one of those perfect things to do in Antigua when you need a break from the endless sand and surf and want to set foot on dry land.

Galley Bay Beach Resort and Spa

Honeymoon destinations are often marked with beautiful resorts designed to make every moment of your intimate time away as fragrant and sweet as can be. In Antigua it seems that Galley Bay Beach Resort and Spa lights up the sky with its gorgeous secret cottages, its signature spa treatments, and its commitment to creating a paradise that brings the beauty of nature with the art of silver service together in perfect harmony. Thatched roofs and Tahitian colour adorn every corner of the beach villas and cottages scattered along the soft lit lagoon. With a special couples room beneath the breath of green and bamboo the spa is a sanctuary for all the senses. Immerse yourself in a coconut cocoon or let yourself be wrapped in water lilies, slathered in papaya or brightened with caviar and pearls. After a morning of bespoke cocktail brunches and beautiful pampering you can spend the afternoon on Galley Bay walking across sugared sands, stand up paddle boarding and dining in one of the resorts most exclusive restaurants.

Harmony Hall Art Gallery

The 19th century stone manse seems to make the ideal spot for putting some of the best and brightest art work from Antigua on show, the earthy tones of stone and wood seem to provide a brilliant backdrop for the heart wrenching, the inspiring, the folk lore, and the colourful finery that weaves its way into Caribbean art. Wandering the Harmony Hall Gallery casts a refreshing light on the art experience, this is no stuffy museum with guards hawking over you, this is as light and as intuitive as your own heartbeat. You can sip complementary cocktails letting the sugar grains coat your lips as you talk animatedly with local artists and curators. You can choose special pieces to take home and afterwards hit the local restaurant for fresh tender carpaccio, Italian inspired fusion cuisine and suckling pork with apple cinnamon cream.

Pillars of Hercules

Nominated to become the eighth wonder of the world, the Pillars of Hercules seem to defy rhyme and reason as they stand towering above the sea, carved and curved by storm and starlight as they border along the tip of Charlottes Point. The natural limestone formation seems to stand guard like something straight out of ancient mythology, protecting the way to the English Harbour. Of all the things to do in Antigua this should be up there with the best, whether you choose to simply sail past with wide eyes, to hike along the tremendous ridge or to dive down into the coral depths of the waters. Beneath the Pillars of Hercules you can find some of the best diving spots imaginable with large boulders adorned in coral reefs attracting all kinds of creatures to feast.

Wadadli Animal Nature Park

Trawling turtles, strutting pretty peacocks cooing in the early morning light, waddling ducks and beautiful bareback horses, the Wadadli Animal Nature Park blends a splash of flora and fauna in a completely natural way. Experience the park by following the carefully cut natural trail that leads you through thickets of exotic plant life where the air is sweet and clean. Lashings of green surround you as you amble through the countryside watching the plethora of animals play and rest in their own natural habitat. Heifers graze on the rich green grass, monkeys tumble from treetops, bright birds fluff their feathers and geese hiss. Spend an hour wandering through the park and then celebrate in the company of soft furry and feathered things by grabbing a cold beer at the bar.

Shirley Heights Lookout

On Sunday nights when the sky bursts into sunset flames and the ocean catches the weight, there is only once place to be. Shirley Heights Lookout is the very spot where you will see crowds frolic as they drift around the terrace to the melody of calypso music with a cold rum punch firmly in hand. For thirty years guests and locals have been gathering on the scenic lookout to share in the revelry of sunset, to toss lobster on the barbecue and to dance together beneath the first glaze of stars. Pan music drifts into the night air mingling with the smoke and spice from the cooking pots, laughter is let loose and everyone feels the weight of the world cut loose. The startling views across the island down to the rolling curves of the green mountains, the jewelled waters, the lights of the fishing boats and the achingly exotic sounds of birds in the night, it’s no wonder that Shirley Heights Lookout is such an island institution.

Galleon Beach

Your mind’s eye will certainly take a snap shot of Galleon Beach and store it in an album marked the world’s most beautiful honeymoon destinations. This sweeping sandy spot is everything we have learned to love about paradise with the perfect blend of white sands and blue sea, the hills shimmering green and fragrant in the backdrop, the bob of sailboats and yachts skimming past and the seas drenched with marine life just like the land is scattered with historical sites. Galleon Beach seems to sum up the breath of Antigua beautifully. Once you tire of gazing at the view, snorkelling in the shallows and sipping fresh cocktail delights at the nearby Galleon Beach Club you can traverse the trails that wrap around the point leading you from the might and majesty of Hercules Pillars to the party capital of Shirley Heights.

Monk’s Hill

Rising like a watercolour painting behind the blue and white calm of Falmouth Harbour you can see a vista of mountains and hills, sometimes in the first light of day they appear to be dappled by gold and silver, in the last rays of night they turn a violet blue. For hikers and walkers and those seeking inspiring things to do in Antigua climbing Monks Hill is every bit as rewarding as you could want. Whether you choose to take a leisurely hike or a cycle up the hill you will be greeted with views of the harbour, the pale blush of white homes hidden in the trees and the sparkle of blue water from the serenity of a great height. There is something so romantic about strolling hand in hand along the dugout trail, clambering over ancient stone and skipping to avoid acacia thorn. Packing a picnic and rolling out a blanket for an hour or two of sitting and staring adds a Zen like statement to another day deep in an island paradise.

St. Peter’s Church

Religious or not, sometimes ducking into the calm and quiet of a local church can provide a beautiful respite from the heady world of sightseeing and sipping rum. When your cup spilleth over with things to do and think about sometimes it makes sense to cut out the endless tours and to simply get a glimpse at the local culture, St. Peter’s church offers such an escape to your day. Perched in a pretty local neighbourhood the stone walled church was built back in 1840 and is considered a masterpiece and the finest of its kind. The façade is elaborate and takes on an unusual shape, the interior is clean and bright with stunning stained glass and an impressive wooden beamed vaulted ceiling that carries the whispers of prayers to heaven on the wings of a doves back. Often empty there is nothing better than perching on a pew and letting the serenity fill every inch of your soul.

Betty’s Hope

The plantation may have returned to dust from the ground that held it but the sticky scent of sweet sugarcane still lingers in the air over Betty’s Hope. Standing strong, if not crumbling a little like a sugar lump left too long, you can see the two mills with their creaking sails and stone archways turning slightly in the whimsical wind. There are many emotions to sift through standing beneath the might of the old sugar plantation. The fascination of the process of turning cane to rum, the shudder of learning what the slaves had to endure, and the stories that have been long caught in the rafters of this place but are now being taken down and having the cobwebs shaken off, makes for an intriguing glimpse at the past. Antigua is a paradise on one hand it is purely heaven, yet to understand the patterns and swirls that make up the cosmos of the place it is important to look into the darker corners too, Betty’s Hope delivers that.

Jabberwock Beach

Feel the wind press against your sun soaked skin as it lifts you high above the rippling waters with a spot of kite surfing at Jabberwock Beach. If you are looking for things to do in Antigua where you still get wet without simply snorkelling and sunbathing then this could be the beach you will call home. As pretty as a picture yet with more emphasis on getting wet and wild than simply relaxing, this is a favourite stretch of sand for kite surfers and watersport enthusiasts. Sure there are whispers of seaweed and kelp catching in the tide and adorning the pale white sands but this only brings a dash of living wonder to your paradise, when the turtles are nesting you can watch them shift about comfortably on their eggs, and the breeze that constantly blows in is pure refreshment for your body and soul.

Zemi Art Gallery

Colourful calabash bowls, wooden platters, painted metal fish, hand crafted t-shirts with bright designs, masks, and other such wonders – the Zemi Art Gallery is stuffed to the brim with unique crafts and pieces that you are sure to want to take home. Nestled in the trendy area of Redcliffe Quay, the gallery is part boutique store, part exhibition space, you will adore rifling through the watercolour treasures, admiring the sculptures, browsing the beautiful photographs and learning about culture and tradition through art. This is the place to pick up bespoke authentic pieces, to converse with the local curators, and to wander the other boutique stores, tiny galleries, and perfume makers that set up shop in the deep and beating heart of St. Johns.

Cedar Valley Golf Club

Playing in paradise has never been so beautiful then when you swing by the Cedar Valley Golf Club to tee off in pure style. Imagine soft sunlit greens with cooling shady nooks beneath the trees, imagine ocean views that sparkle and 18 holes to perfect your swing on. Golf lovers are going to delight in the chance to perfect their game and the Cedar Valley course may not be in the class of a world championship course, but it’s pretty, it’s pleasant and it’s enough to ensure you get your golf fix. Spend a morning discovering the delights of the driving range before heading to the Clubhouse for high class Caribbean cocktails and delectable snacks that are sure to keep you going.

Cecilia’s High Point Café

Cecilia’s takes something complicated and makes it simple, in a world where culinary chefs are fighting to be the world’s best restaurant, Cecilia simply shrugs her shoulders. She knows that her wooden deck that feels warm under bare feet, the soundtrack of soft jazz and rolling surf, the taste of old fashioned rum or lemon grass tea, and the sublime blend of Swedish skilled cooking and top notch West Indian ingredients are more than enough to mark her out. Sitting on the deck and dunking curry shrimp into the tang of your mango chutney is a feeling that lifts you one step off the ground. Cecilia is never shy when it comes to stopping on by and will happily chatter about the best things to do in Antigua and island life without a hint of duty. As you turn your attention back to the water, the mahi mahi in lime butter, and the beading glass of scotch with coconut water you know this is somewhere you could call home.

Deep Bay Antigua

Wrapping around the tip of the cape you can find the baby blue calm waters of Deep Bay, those seeking things to do in Antigua that blends beautiful beaches with endless wanderings, snoozing in the shade, and snorkelling across coral beds will find that Deep Bay opens like a clam of possibility, offering the pearl of beautiful beach life. Deep Bay is as long as it is deep and doesn’t boast a vast amount of shade. It seems to be beloved as a free for all, a place where you won’t find yourself rubbing shoulders with your neighbours when you stretch out in the sand. Out in the middle of the bay divers and snorkelers may find themselves stumbling upon a sunken wreck, whose mast sometimes stretches just above the waters like a flag waving you down. Snorkelling, space, sheer white sands, and gentle ripples in the sea, this is what you can find only ten minutes away from the lively throes of St. Johns.

Fort Berkley

Cannons, thick cut stone, gun platforms and lookout points, Fort Berkley was once upon a time a strategic spot formed to guard the entrance to the English harbour. Walking along the fort and gazing out at the blue horizon your mind starts to race as you imagine what it must have been like back then to stand guard, waiting to spot a sail billowing in the distance. Since 1704 this spot has stood proud, protecting the dockyard, the ships and the sailors within. The lashings of history that weigh on this place are uncountable, and knowing that this was a place used to protect ships from the mammoth storms that rolled in you can only imagine the cannon booms of thunder and the fiery strikes of lightning. It’s not only the history that hangs heavy but the bounty of beautiful scenery that can be viewed from every angle of Fort Berkley.

Fort Barrington

Antigua is scattered with ancient sites, historical splendour, nautical views and tales of the past, Fort Barrington is one of those places that sits high up on the flush of green hills carving a spot where paradise was placed under protection from the guards who sent out signals from there. This is one of the only spots in Antigua to have actually see military action back in 166 when the French captured the fort. Now with the bloody history far in the past, Fort Barrington is a serene rocky spot boasting well-earned views after the picturesque short hike to make it to the top. Standing on top of the fort feeling the breeze sing through the stone fortifications, it’s hard to imagine the sound of battle cries interrupting the still.

Hawksbill Bay

Rising out of the turquoise green waters a strange looking rock pokes its head earning the beach its name of Hawksbill Bay. The stunning stretch of silver sand, the gentle ebb of the tide and the wide leafy palm trees offering plenty of shade makes for an idyllic beach retreat that seems to go on for miles. Free spirited guests will be pleased to hear that Hawksbill Bay is a clothing optional spot giving you the green card to strip right down to the bare bones and feel the salt water touch your skin. The plethora of beautiful beaches, the soft swaying palms, the endless charade of calm and quiet, these are the reasons why Antigua is considered one of the most relaxing honeymoon destinations. Swimming in the cool clear waters, reading a book in between napping in the shade and sticking around until a fiery sunset kisses the sky, this is what Caribbean life was made for.


St John’s makes for the perfect shopping spree when seeking to splurge on things to do in Antigua. The area is brimming with beautiful trendy boutiques, artisan stores and divine designer wear. Gingerlily is one of these places, a high class boutique that specializes in elegant pieces for women. From beautiful beaded tops to cigarette cut trousers, sublime ballet flats and gorgeous clutch bags, Gingerlily collects and curates signature style for women that want to shine. Designer names like Joie La Plage, Taj, Cutloose, and Hale Bob fill the contemporary cool space making for an incredible shopping experience for those ladies who love to fill their wardrobes with bespoke and purely original pieces cut beautifully to fit.

C & C Wine Bar

Bare brick walls, the tinkling of glass, a cool hideaway perched in trendy Redcliffe Quay, and some of the most beautiful wines you can imagine; is there any wonder that high class patrons flock to C & C Wine Bar. On those eves when you feel like you need a break from the waterfalls of rum, this elegant little wine bar is the perfect prickle of sophistication served in a distinct style. Appetizers are whisked out of the kitchen fresh and bold in colour and flavour making them a dreamy accompaniment to a glug of vintage wine. You can spend the whole evening, grazing, sipping, swirling and whispering secrets across the intimate tables. The courtyard style space outdoors is great for those who want to feel the breeze blowing as they taste South African magic, and sometimes when a live band is playing you wish you could simply stay forever in this little spot.

Kings Casino

Part of living the high life has to be those dreamy hours after dark where the cocktails flow and the slot machines ring. Kings Casino is one of the liveliest things to do in Antigua after the sun goes down, as one of the biggest and most popular casinos on the pretty blue and white shores. The bright lights of Kings Casino is home to one of the biggest slot machines in the whole world meaning those who roll with lady luck can win up to fifty thousand dollars. The high energy, the thronging crowds, the crab tables and the flowing champagne is sure to create a mise en scene to remember. On the weekends live bands take to the stage bringing an electric soundscape into the fold for those guests that want to roll, bet and dance all night long.

St. Johns

Everyone falls in love with St. Johns it is simply one of those world class capital cities that makes you want to hang up your hat and call it home. The eclectic mix of pirates and superyacht junkies, the local colourful rum bars, the gorgeous crafty little nooks and crannies, the narrow roads that wind to and fro and the colourful collection of pastel coloured buildings shining in the sun is enough to make anyone fall in love. No trip to the little island would be worthwhile without spending an afternoon meandering around the bustling harbour side markets, dipping into the tourist lined stores, and rubbing shoulders with jetsetters who travel far and wide across the world to stop in this pretty pink and blue port of call.

Antigua Rainforest Zip line

Costa Rica may boast the world’s best zip lines but Antigua is also getting into the swing of things with their fun fuelled rainforest zip line. Those seeking adrenaline fuelled things to do in Antigua can soar above the canopy, traveling high above the rainforest like the wild exotic birds, crossing aerial walkway bridges, leaping from tree house to tree house and generally having the time of their life without treading on the gentle eco system of the forest below. The splash of high powered speed, the cooling shade of the canopy, the sea breeze rustling in the tree tops and the glorious glaze of fun is the only way to bask in the beauty of the rainforest. Those seeking extra thrills can even opt to do the incredibly canopy zip line tour in the velvet black of night. With only a headlamp guiding you across the rooftop of the world life doesn’t get more exciting than this.

Great Bird Island

Twenty acres of pure serenity, flocks upon flocks of beautiful wild and brightly plumed birds, green swaying grasses, the shade of coconut trees, water as blue as an iris and pale white sands, these are the reasons that Great Bird Island has captured the imagination of those seeking the true meaning of the word paradise. Take a day to discover the delights of this desert island with a boat tour to the local shores. Spend the morning splashing and swimming in the blue, snorkelling the shallows and dining on crabs and champagne with a picnic on the beach. In the afternoon you can journey into the grasslands where birds flock and flourish and the Antiguan racer snake slithers through the undergrowth. Moon jellyfish drift serenely in the depths, red billed tropic birds trill from the trees, and passion fruit juice is always waiting to be sipped through salty lips as soon as you climb out of the warm translucent sea.

Fig Tree Drive

One of the prettiest drives on the island, something there is nothing better than getting behind the wheel and hitting the open road on a journey on sheer discovery. Fig Tree Road is like driving along an open fruit stall, the boughs of the trees hang heavy with ripe guavas, plump mangoes, green bananas, hairy coconuts and juicy citrus soaked oranges. Along the way you pass pineapple farms, lush green rainforest canopies that seem to grow thicker and darker and coral pink coloured churches sitting like rosy diamonds on the side of the road. Passing through villages with the scent of the sea mingling with the fresh bright fruit, this is the constant reminder that you are in the heart of the Garden of Eden.

Rosmacs Herb Garden

The colourful glaze of fruits, the silver bark peeling from trees, the leafy groves, and the fragrant herbs that fill the air, there is no doubt that Rosmacs Herb Garden is a fairy-tale vision of just how beautiful the great outdoors can be. Yet this garden is more than an ornate beauty, it’s a medicinal paradise, a place where everything that grows can be picked, plucked, ground down and used for medicinal magic and culinary creations. Wandering the gardens you will be soaked in the serenity, your senses will tingle to life as you breathe in the blossoming flowers, the citrus scents, the thick lavender and fresh jasmine. Rosalyn is never shy when it comes to taking your hand and guiding you through the labyrinth of beauty, pointing out treasured beds and even offering to make you a special lip balm to take back home.


Roxanne Genier
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Roxanne Genier

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Roxanne or Roxy, founder of Luxe In A City, was nominated as one of the Top 5 Luxury Travel Bloggers by the readers of USA Today. Aside from overseeing this luxury travel blog, she spends her time teaching how to perfect the feeling of luxury to authentic niche brands while traveling the world with her family.
Roxanne Genier
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