Hopkins Bay Belize – Garifuna Oceanfront Bliss

Hopkins bay is one of those tiny villages you swing by for a day and find yourself still there a week later. The stretch of the sunlit Caribbean shores, the soft swaying hammocks and the wild cries from the rainforest are enough to breathe life back into weary travel bones. The lush tropical gardens, the simple touch of comfort and the warm local hospitality tempt you to stay one more day, time and time again in this peaceful oasis on the shores of Belize.

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An Idyllic Retreat

The two bedroom villa you might called home perches prettily only a stone’s throw away from the shoreline with blissful views which will have you running down to put your feet in the Caribbean waters every morning. Natural stone and polished wood décor provided an ideal retreat from the hazy afternoon sun. Sharing a cocktail on the peaceful private deck with a flaming sunset will also allow you to linger in heavenly settings without a care in the world.

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Divine Days

Days at Hopkins Bay Belize are long, lazy and divinely suited to the Belizean way of life. Spent many long hours conversing with the locals, taking beautiful bike rides along the zesty citrus groves and pointing in pleasure at Victoria’s Peak soaring to the sky. Yet for those looking to fill their afternoons with a slice of adventure, there are horseback trails to explore, swimming creeks to splash in and heap of hiking trails and.

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An Underwater Eden

Visitors who want to discover an underwater Garden of Eden will be delighted to know that Hopkins Bay is a scuba diving haven. Belize’s Grand Channel is only a short skip away from the charming resort, and with the longest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere, there is plenty to explore. Swim side by side with peaceful sea turtles, hammerhead sharks, majestic manta ray and twisting moray eels. Beneath the calm Caribbean waters a whole new world is waiting.

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Swinging Cocktails and Stew

For dinner, head to the Rhum Shack; the charming bistro enjoys a prime spot with salt crystal air and exceptional sea views. Local chefs take their inspiration from the land and the sea and whip up an amazing array of international delights and local dishes. Fresh salty fish, crudités with lashings of homemade garlic tahini and guava glazed ribs are just a few of the choice dishes drifting out of the kitchen.

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If you want to experience local foods, try the hearty chicken stew, delicately spiced, and with a tender buttery texture. After dinner, sit opposite the bar on swings, sipping cocktails and talking animatedly to the friendly staff about the beauty and traditions so deeply embedded in Belizean culture.

Time seems to slip away in Hopkins Bay, Belize, and there are moments prickled with such joy that you might wonder if you will ever leave. The softly understated luxury, the calming tranquility and the sound of the Caribbean shores lapping at pristine sands never fails to bring a blissful sigh.

Hopkins Bay Belize

Address: North End, Hopkins Village, Stann Creek, Belize Ph: +305-433-8394/+ 501-533-7805

Website: www.hopkinsbaybelize.com/


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