Hotel Metropole Geneve – 10 Luxury Touches

A personal review from Roxanne Genier’s stay at Hotel Metropole Geneve in Geneva, Switzerland.

The atmosphere – Hotel Metropole Geneve

At the Hotel Metropole Geneve, everything comes with a personal touch. Apart from its sumptuous decor, its idyllic setting and its cutting-edge amenities, what makes the Hotel Metropole Geneve a five-star hotel to remember is by far its friendly team of international staff. With as many as 121 guest rooms, one has to wonder how the staff can remember so easily the names of each and every guest serviced. A new friendship with the concierge, front desk clerk or hostess can easily be established within minutes of the first initial contact.

This five-star hotel is by far more than just a team of remarkable staff members. To help you discover it from an insider’s perspective, here is our list of ten undeniable luxury experiences to discover when staying at this luxury boutique hotel.

Hotel Metropole Geneve

1- Impeccable Location – Hotel Metropole Geneve

Overlooking stunning Lake Geneva, the Metropole is ideally situated minutes away from the city’s hustle, and bustle is making it the perfect hotel destination for those seeking a little piece heaven while in Geneva.

2- Complimentary City Bus Pass – Hotel Metropole Geneve

Discovering downtown Geneva by foot is amazing but when you plan on heading out to visit the United Nations Palais des Nations, taking public transportation is just so much easier. The management at this luxury boutique hotel understands this by simply giving its guests a complimentary city bus pass for the duration of their stay.

Hotel Metropole Geneve

3-Breathtaking Rooftop Terrace – Hotel Metropole Geneve

Some of the best views of the city are found at the Metropole’s new rooftop lounge and bar. A perfect place to host a business meeting or to enjoy cocktails with friends, this rooftop bar will inevitably become one of Geneva’s new hotspot.

Hotel Metropole Geneve

4-Remarkable Design – Hotel Metropole Geneve

When you think hotel rooms, you think small space packed with all the amenities needed. But at this boutique hotel, everything is done with style. A key feature of the signature room is the bathroom walls built in see-through class. This simple detail creates an open-space and gives an edge to the room.

Hotel Metropole Geneve

5- Five-Star Buffet Breakfast – Hotel Metropole Geneve

Breakfast is a love affair. Some like it hot and steamy while others prefer to start the day with a selection of fresh fruits or with a delectable collection of French pastries. The Metropole Geneva provides three choices of breakfast buffets to satisfy even the most discerning of palates. Breakfast can be enjoyed in the breakfast lounge or the convenience of your personal room.

6-Vitality Program – Hotel Metropole Geneve

Health is one the most precious thing in our lives, but when we travel a lot for either business or pleasure, it is often hard to keep up with our health routine. The Metropole makes staying on track easy by providing a well-equipped gym, an all-day exercise TV channel, complimentary yoga kits and health-conscious menus.

Hotel Metropole Geneve

7- Heavenly Rain Shower – Hotel Metropole Geneve

A 15″ by 15″ rain shower that turns into a personal hammam. Is this even possible? Yes, this is exactly what you will get if you stay at this five-star luxury hotel. One can easily imagine taking a shower several times a day just to enjoy this delightful soothing adventure. We did.

Hotel Metropole Geneve

8-Specialty Pillows – Hotel Metropole Geneve

The standard pillows at the Metropole Geneva are essentially perfect, but the hotel goes above and beyond by providing guests with a choice of six specialty pillows. Discovering the variety of pillows offered can become a great way to entertain oneself at night.

9-Intuitive Controls – Hotel Metropole Geneve

Since the Metropole Geneva understands that its guests are not all from the USA or England, everything has been designed to be intuitive by touch. Lights can be dimmed; curtains can be pulled down, and the do-not-disturb sign can be displayed all at the touch of a simple button.

10-Multi-National Entertainment – Hotel Metropole Geneve

A chic TV discretely embedded inside a full-size floor to ceiling mirror providing over 100 channels in several languages, this is what the Metropole Geneva offers its international guests. Enjoy watching yourself watching TV in the comfort of you lavish white bed.

LuxeInACity highly recommends a stay at Hotel Metropole Geneve. Visit to plan your stay.

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