Ilha Grande: Verdant Natural Escape

An intriguing history kept the tourists at bay from Ilha Grande, yet long after the pirates, the lepers and the criminals left there was nothing but sweeping dark gold sands, virginal dressed rainforest, the flurry of birds and the strewn boulders in the sea.

Since then interest has started to grow with the tiny fishing village slowly being transformed into a traveler’s haven, a place to sip something cool on the beach and listen to the glorious silence.

Ilha Grande Island Brazil 1

This is an island devoid of traffic, as, of course, there are no roads and cars, the only way to get around is to ride a bike or sail a boat, or you could just spend forevermore on the elegant wild sands watching the sun sink and rise.

Ilha Grande Island Brazil 2

Image Source: By Carlos Perez Couto via Wikimedia Commons

For such a slip of a place off the beaten track, the Ilha Grande boasts no less than twenty beaches ensuring that you will find your own shady palm to snooze beneath. Abraao offers the center of the action with a small ram shack café and friendly locals sipping passion fruit cocktails.

Ilha Grande Island Brazil 3

Image Source: By Claus Bunks via Wikimedia Commons

Surfers can lug their board through the jungle trails to find the pounding silvery blue waves of Lopes Mendes. Take a boat trip to the Green Lagoon and sip iced beers on board before diving into the shimmering greens and swimming alongside turtles.

Back on the island and hammocks are strung up between jackfruit trees, Howler Monkeys dart in and out of tables and stalls on the side of the dirt tracks are laden with fat mangoes, ripe papaya, and spiky pineapple. Internet and phone signal blinks in and out, there are no ATMs and no crowds to fill the paths.

Ilha Grande Island Brazil 4

Image Source: By Huguys via Flickr

Cutting deep into the forests and you will find soft and sensual lagoons for bathing, trickling waterfalls and lush greenery sinking into every surface. Ilha Grande delivers a divine piece of beautiful Brazil, one where you have time and space to reflect and refresh surrounded by nature.

Top Image Source: By Valdiney Pimenta via Wikimedia Commons

Jodie Oakes

Jodie Oakes

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