Inamo St James – Futuristic Pan-Asian Dining With a Warm Ambience

As one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities London boasts a vibrant dining scene befitting of its multicultural character. With so many exciting options fighting for your attention, it is difficult for a single restaurant to truly stand out – but Inamo does just that.

Inamo St James Futuristic Pan Asian Dining 1

This pan-Asian restaurant presents its guests with a completely new twist on contemporary fine dining. What makes it so different? Inamo gives guests a fully customizable experience through its interactive E-Table™ ordering system.

Using overhead projection technology each table gives diners a chance to perform a wide array of tasks, from changing their virtual tablecloths to spying on the chefs through a live cam.

Inamo St James Futuristic Pan Asian Dining 2

Diners with younger children – as well as all those who are young at heart – will also no doubt appreciate the option to play a game of battleship or ping. These can be both single and multi-player and they prove an ingenious distraction while guests wait for their food to arrive.

Inamo St James Futuristic Pan Asian Dining 3

Do not fear if this interactive menu sounds a little complicated at first – the staff are very knowledgeable and eager to help out. After a brief introduction to the system, navigating it becomes a breeze and you soon find yourself enjoying this unique experience.

Inamo St James Futuristic Pan Asian Dining 4

With such exciting technological elements at play, the restaurant’s chefs certainly have to fight for the diners’ attention. Fortunately, their freshly prepared dishes prove a happy marriage between local produce and mouth-watering Asian flavors – innovative enough to titillate one’s taste buds, but traditional enough to offer warmth and comfort.

Inamo St James Futuristic Pan Asian Dining 5

The menu takes you on a trip across the continent, from a creamy Thai red curry to Japanese-inspired scallop gunkanmaki, complete with mirin and kizami wasabi. It comprises of smaller and larger dishes, with a wide selection of delicacies in both sections.

Inamo St James Futuristic Pan Asian Dining 6

Dishes are not served sequentially, but in the order in which they are prepared – while this might come as a surprise to some, it in no way interferes with one’s enjoyment of the food. This is made to be shared among diners, which stops one hungrily looking on as his or her companions eat. Sharing each course also provides everyone with a chance to bond over their love of fine cuisine, as well as sample each tasty morsel the chefs prepare.

Inamo St James Futuristic Pan Asian Dining 7

No matter which culinary delight you decide to order, it is difficult to go wrong. Some of the truly outstanding choices include the seared salmon maki, the baby crispy prawns and the pièce de résistance – Inamo’s superb black cod.

Inamo St James Futuristic Pan Asian Dining 8

There is a wide selection of wines on offer, but Inamo truly impresses with its cocktail list. Not daunted by experimentation, it spices up traditional martinis with ingredients like Akashi-tai honjozo sake or Mozart white chocolate liqueur. The restaurant even offers its signature “Inamo” cocktail which comprises of mandarin puree and spring onion and shaken with Absolut vodka and chili syrup.

Inamo St James Futuristic Pan Asian Dining 9

Once the evening reaches its sweet end – which is best celebrated with a portion of the vanilla crème brûlée – the interactive table even offers taxi booking facilities to get you safely home. This thoughtful touch is a lovely final reminder of the amount of care and thought that goes into making Inamo the haven of innovation and deliciousness it is.

Inamo St James Website: Address: 4-12 Lower Regent Street London SW1Y 4PE Contact: 020 7484 0500

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