Itz’ana Resort and Residences in Beautiful Belize

With only a smattering of boutique cottages set against the extraordinary backdrop of Placencia, a sleepy South American fishing village, Itz’ana seems to be the perfect world for shaking modern stresses. This is a place for plunging into crystal clear waters, swapping the sound of traffic for singing birds, exploring ancient ruins, and digging your feet into floury white sand.

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Finding an English speaking country on the fringes of the jungle and an offshore banking haven beside the shimmering Caribbean Sea, it’s no wonder Belize is starting to turn heads for all the right reasons. Combining the lively flair and exciting prices of Latin America with the laidback living of the Caribbean, Itz’ana is one of those investments that keeps on giving whether you decide to rent it out or you choose to stay.

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A thoughtfully decadent resort, perched on the edge of the murmuring sea and a soft lit lagoon, Itz’ana pulls together the threads of adventure, beauty and sheer bliss. Days are filled with sunrise yoga, diving the nearby reef, watching dolphins frolic, and sunset sailing beneath the fiery sky. At the heart of Itz’ana you can find The Great House, the centre of this world where you can turn pages in the Hemmingway Library, sip cool cocktails on the rooftop deck, and delve deep into the heady world of rum in the tasting room.

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Providing a glimpse of what’s to come, the currently open, pop-up restaurant, Limilita, lives by the motto “from reef to refurbished table”. Chef Mara Jernigan, creating unique dishes that let the freshest delights of the sea melt upon your tongue. In keeping with the theme of the resort, ingredients are raw, organic, locally sourced and dressed to impress without being overwrought.

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The residences are beautifully designed to gracefully reflect local culture and the art of waterfront living. With a selection of romantic 1-bedroom cottages and 2 to 5-bedroom villas, you can choose the space you want to call your own. All of the residences are designed to play with light and embrace the natural elements of Belize, offering lofty lagoon views or the ocean right outside your door. Roberto de Oliveira Castro, a native architect, calls on the traditional wealth of materials to whip up a unique world of waterfront living with open floor plans, featuring tall windows and doors to put an emphasis on open-air living.

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Inside, critically acclaimed NYC designer Samuel Amoia curated a collection of truly inspired pieces made specifically for Itz’ana home. Samuel Amoia took his inspiration from the elements of Belize using South American patterns alongside modern streamlined aesthetics. Organic handwoven fabrics, Scandinavian contours, and beach blonde wood welcomes you with a warming touch.

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Itz’ana seems to be a perfectly carved chunk of heaven, a gateway to the Mayan mysteries, the blue hole bliss and the enigmatic wonders of Latin America, yet it’s also a place that shines with the lavish luxuries that have become synonymous with Caribbean living. Once you have found this piece of perfection, there seems to be a pull that brings you back time and time again, a realization that this is a place you want to call home.

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