Juicing Cleanse While Traveling the World

Deep in the watercolor mountains of Japan, trekking through the verdant Amazonian jungles, cross-legged beneath a swaying palm in Goa – wherever your epic adventures across the globe take you, sometimes a little detox is the perfect flush for the body, the mind, and the soul. Juicing doesn’t have to be as dull as it sounds, across the globe there is an endless array of sublime, sweet, and bright jeweled fruits just waiting to be blended, crushed, strained, smashed and simply devoured in the beautiful form of juicing.

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Imagine the glaze of red berries from an Italian spring, the thick chunks of streaming pineapple from Hawaii, the ripe to burst mangoes from the Caribbean, the plumpest oranges from Seville, and even an array of leafy greens – creamy avocado, dark hearted spinach, peppered celery, all these things can make a taste sensation that will leave you glowing with health. Those who choose to juice will find their stomach as satiated and tranquil as a glassy lake, their head as clear as the moon on a cloudless night, and their attitude towards food turned on its head for the better.

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Traveling and food can sometimes go hand in hand, after all what better way to explore a country than through its regional fare and fabulous cuisine! Yet sometimes your body needs a break from the endless array of flavors, the street food hawkers, the quick dips into rich dairy or thick cuts of meat. Sometimes your body simply craves vitamins and minerals, and the best way to absorb these is by juicing. Juicing offers you the chance to access digestive enzymes typically locked away in the fiber matrix of fruits and vegetables, a method that is often lost when it comes to store bought smoothies and juices and even when you blend at home.

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Those looking to reboot their systems can choose juicing one to seven days, some juicing experts like Joe Cross, also know as Reboot with Joe, can indulge in solo juicing for sixty days, but those looking to dabble in the art can start by taking it slow. Don’t let the road stand in the way of you and a five-star simple detox plan, whether you are huddled deep in the corners of North, East, South and West, juicing in the modern world is always an option.

Juicing Cleanse at Home

Even the most avid travelers will find themselves standing still from time to time, even if only for a moment to catch your breath before you hit the open road again. These moments when you are enjoying the pleasures of flopping down on your own bed, steam laced showers with your own brand of toiletries, and sipping a cold beer in your own back garden, consider this the perfect time to get your juice on. Investing in a Juice Fountain Plus by Breville will make the world of juicing infinitely easier, simply throw your favorite mix of fruits and vegetables in whole, press the button and let the low hum of the juicer do the work removing the insoluble fiber of the pulp leaving you with the good stuff. Swift, effective, clean and without that awful whirr, your glass of delectable juice is ready to go in seconds.

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Juicing Cleanse at an AirBnB

Sadly your beautiful Breville Juice Fountain isn’t going to fold up and fit in your suitcase so when hitting a new city or buried deep in the heart of the country you are going to need a new method. The world of AirBnB has hit the big time, offering travelers the chance to rent bespoke apartments, homes, and cottages directly from the owners. You can be sure that staying in an AirBnB or renting an apartment through another means that there will be a way to juice. Many well-stocked kitchens are sure to have a blender meaning you can mash that fruit to a pulp. Of course, those looking to juice sans pulp will need to make sure they dig out a strainer or even better stuff one in your suitcase. Even if you only have a blender at hand, don’t let that stop you – we all need a chock load of fresh fruit, veggies and copious glasses of water to keep us going, so even blending is better than kicking your detox to the curb.

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Juicing Cleanse at a Hotel

Hotels can be a little trickier unless you can somehow swindle the concierge to truly go that extra mile and bring a juicer to your suite to place next to the fruit bowl. An easier solution could be doing a little light research and choosing a hotel close to a juice bar, this is precisely what Joe The Juicer does ahead of every trip. Juice bars are popping up globally and in every major city you are sure to stumble upon the tropical façade and Zen like energy of an authentic juice bar. Sometimes this can even be a dazzling wake-up call as these connoisseurs of classy juicing will have curated recipes you never even imagined. Turmeric, pineapple, and sweet pear can make an amazing combination.

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When hitting the local sights you can even pre-make your batch of juice and take it with you. Nothing will perk you up from your midday slump quite like a hit of bright and bountiful vitamins and minerals. Those who juice on the road are sure to find their spirits high, their hunger levels low, and their immune system swift and ready to face the world – no matter how far from home you are.

If you are interested to read more about juicing or about the journey of Joe Cross, the man who juiced for 60 days while filming “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”, head over to RebootWithJoe.com for tips, recipes and a great support community.

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