Kauai Hawaii: Luscious Trails and Luaus

The emerald island of Hawaii tears you open ensuring that every inch of your body, mind and soul is ready to embrace life. The botanical gardens seem to brim with the scent of wild hibiscus from dawn until dusk; the velvety trails leading deep into the soaring peaks calls to you to climb and the coral blue waters are filled with wondrous whales and pods of dolphins jumping into the flaming colors of a setting sun.

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This is a place where you wake up with a smile already playing on your face, roused by the ripe coffee beans being crushed for that perfect welcome into another day in the breathtaking paradise.

Kauai Hawaii is always keen to offer more than just a paradise setting, in fact, it is nothing short of an adult’s playground with mountain peaks, rushing rivers and world class surf. Even though lazy hammocks and crushed fruit cocktails may sound tempting, you can certainly fill your days in a million and one other ways.

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Be sure to grab a board and try your hand at surfing on the world-class waves that roll in making Hawaii one of the most famous spots in the world for walking on water. Snorkeling, swimming and taking a kayak down a lazy crimson river are all other activities that are sure to bring out the best in the Garden Isle.

Named the Garden Isle for a reason, in Kauai Hawaii, you will feel as though you are wandering through the wilderness every step of your sojourn. Tangled vines, leafy jewels glinting with morning mist and an abundance of flora and fauna are sure to leave you dizzy.

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Trails and hikes are the best way of discovering the mystical secrets of the island but for those who don’t want to wander on foot you can always take a horse and go galloping along the bay and into the mist. Finish out the evening in true Hawaiian fashion with a glass of rum in hand and the soft sizzle of a luau blending with a harmonious ukulele song.

Jodie Oakes

Jodie Oakes

Jodie Oakes is a seasoned writer and an avid surfer with continuously itchy feet and a love of the finer things in life. After traveling through the continent with a touring band, living in Paris, Amsterdam and under the Auroras Borealis, she is now in Bulgaria where she attempts to piece together her first poetry collection.
Jodie Oakes