Lady Kookie Biscuiterie – Gourmet Cookies in Quebec City

Crumbly, gooey and delicious; how better way to treat yourself or a loved one than a box of gourmet cookies?For cookie aficionados, Lady Kookie Biscuiterie is a little taste of heaven. As you walk through the door of this hidden gem in Quebec City, you’re greeted by the delectable smell of fresh baked confectionary and smiles from staff as cheerful as the pink, girly decor.

Lady Kookie Biscuiterie - Quebec City Cookies

Rows of colourful cookies, each with their own irresistible flavour, sit behind the glass counter. All ingredients are sourced locally, such as the pure Quebec maple syrup, and are high-quality, preservative-free and untreated by chemicals

Lady Kookie Biscuiterie - Quebec City Cookies

These delightful cookies come in four different selections. The Klassique, a twist on traditional recipes; the Karactère, truly something special with exclusive and wickedly indulgent creations; the Koctail, the savory option and the perfect accompaniment to cheeses or an aperitif; and the Koquet, shortbread or chocolate cookies with colorful designs such as flowers, ladybugs or dinosaurs. What’s more, whatever event you’re celebrating – work party, baby shower, birthday, marriage – Lady Kookie can create custom-made design that are sure to wow your guests.

Lady Kookie Biscuiterie - Quebec City Cookies

Got your mouth watering? Well you don’t need to be in Quebec City to enjoy these delicious, hand-made cookies. Order through the website and Lady Kookie will ship a beautiful box of individually wrapped cookies to anywhere in Canada.

Now for the hard choice, deciding which one to try! Here’s our recommendations:

The Kookie

The Kookie boasts to be the best chocolate chip cookie recipe in the world. We have to say, we agree! Made with sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and dried cranberries, the Kookie is lighter than your usual chocolate chip cookie, and it’s impossible to eat just one!

Lady Kookie Biscuiterie - Quebec City Cookies


With a generous portion of creamy, pink butter icing sandwiched between a crunchy chocolate cookie crisp, the Roseo is a truly indulgent treat.

Lady Kookie Biscuiterie - Quebec City Cookies


A true taste of Quebec, the Kébécois combines real maple butter, maple syrup and maple flakes to create an irresistibly, intense sweetness.

Lady Kookie Biscuiterie - Quebec City Cookies

Iced Cookies

New for the summer, Lady Kookie’s Iced Cookies offer the most delicious way to cool down on a hot and humid day. They come in four different flavours of frozen mousse; lemonade-lime, strawberry-banana, blueberry-maple syrup and chocolate-raspberry. You’ll have to visit in store for these delights though, they’re best enjoyed fresh!

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