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Located right off the shore of Puerto Vallarta in the crystal clear waters of Banderas Bay is a small group of islands known as the Marietas Islands. These small volcanic islands were first made famous by the celebrated oceanographer Jacques Cousteau, but since their discovery they have become a beloved destination for vacationers seeking an idyllic, tropical escape.

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One of these islands is known as Playa de Amor or “the Hidden Beach,” and it offers travelers a unique opportunity to access one of the beautiful natural beaches in the world. The Las Marietas islands can only be accessed by boat from Puerto Vallarta, and the secret beach can only be accessed through a short tunnel, meaning it offers travelers with the ability to escape to a secluded, luxury paradise unlike any other in the area.

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Finding the Secret Beach of Las Marietas

Before enjoying a day on the secret, secluded beach of Las Marietas, travelers must first find a way to the islands. There are a number of tour operators from Puerto Vallarta, such as Vallarta Adventures, which will take guided day trips to this stunning natural marvel. After taking a small boat to the islands, visitors can either explore the surrounding natural wildlife or they can find their way to the secret beach.

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In order to access the beach, visitors will need to swim through a short tunnel to find this secluded paradise. Once they have arrived they will be able to spend the day exploring the clear waters of the natural enclave or resting along the beach’s soft white sand. Tour operators will help those who wish to find the beach by accessing the tunnel.

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Tours to Las Marietas

The Las Marietas islands were designated as a National Park in 2005 and became a protected refuge and nesting area for more than 90 different species. In order to share the beauty of this natural preserve, guides will take small groups to explore the island, offering them with an opportunity to enjoy up-close encounters with the islands and their inhabitants.

In addition to providing visitors with a history of the islands and showcasing the area’s wildlife, tour guides will also help visitors to find and explore the secret beach.

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While on a guided tour to the island, guests can also expect to see the area’s natural wildlife including birds, fish and more than 35,000 other creatures, as well as several marine mammals that call the bay home. Many of the islands’ explorers will be able to see the Humpback Whales in its natural habitat as well as wild dolphins that typically can be seen in the bay year round.

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What to Do on the Islands

In addition to taking in the stunning wildlife of the area, tours to Las Marietas Islands also provide visitors with plenty of activities to keep them busy. Off the sands of the private Las Marietas beach, guests can snorkel in the crystal clear waters to see some of the island’s thousands of species of fish up close.

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Tour guides can also help set up kayaking excursions around the islands’ waters. From diving into the rocky caverns to kayaking under the natural archways; there is plenty to see and do along the exquisite natural islands of Las Marietas.

To discover the beauty of Las Marietas, contact Vallarta Adventures, the leading tour operator in Puerto Vallarta. We did and had a wonderful adventure!

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