Laucala Island Fiji: A Joyous Retreat

Imagine waking to a flooded pink sky, the gentle murmur of waves and the vanilla sweet scent of orchids rustling outside your window. Imagine spending the day sailing across the deep cerulean waters that flow around Fiji, tasting pineapple fresh from the earth, dipping in your own private pool and teeing off amidst a blaze of green with some of the most spectacular views of paradise you could wish for.

Laucala Island Fiji 1

Laucala Island Fiji is the place where the shadows start to part leaving you with nothing but a burst of joy and sunlight flooding through your bones. The millionaire isle was owned by Malcolm Forbes who wanted the sun-dappled sands, leafy green shores and baby blue blissful waters to be his final resting place, as close to heaven as could ever be imagined on earth.

Laucala Island Fiji 2

Thatched bungalows await weary travelers with private pools, stone or wooden baths, upscale Fijian treasures and soft as silk fabrics to welcome you to rest and rejuvenate.

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On the gentle shores, a fleet of boats is waiting to whisk you away to explore the mysteries of the island ensuring that your spirit of adventure is always kindled.

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Those who wish to explore on land can take one of the well-groomed island horses out for a dazzling sunset ride around the endless coconut plantations, the wild and untamed hinterlands and the sun-kissed coastline.

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Relax beside the glass cubed pool and let the staff serve delectable finger food and freshly squeezed cocktails with a smile. If you are feeling arty you can take a soap making workshop, making use of Mother Nature’s gifts to carve sweet-scented soaps or letting your cares scatter away under gentle caresses in the spa.

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The beaches are picture perfect with soft milky white sands and lazy hammocks, yet for those times when you want to cool down without the salt tang on your skin you can seek the cool welcome of one of the numerous natural swimming holes, lagoons and waterfalls the island has to offer.

Jodie Oakes

Jodie Oakes

Jodie Oakes is a seasoned writer and an avid surfer with continuously itchy feet and a love of the finer things in life. After traveling through the continent with a touring band, living in Paris, Amsterdam and under the Auroras Borealis, she is now in Bulgaria where she attempts to piece together her first poetry collection.
Jodie Oakes