Lovely Lush Spa in the Heart of Liverpool

Many luminous spa treatments claim to leave you soothed and sound but the Lush Spa in Liverpool actually goes beyond, leaving you awakened to every shade of euphoria and nurtured to the center of your soul.

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Being a major fan of the handmade cosmetics company and their chocolate mud masks, sparkly unicorn inspired bath bombs and shower gels that leave you scented like wildflowers and a tumble in the hay, I was beyond excited to hear that lovely Lush had opened a luscious spa in the heart of Liverpool.

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The handful of treatments seemed to go beyond the grain, the usual deep tissue and hot stone analogies were replaced with promises of sensory sojourns, moments of clarity and dreams that would leave you blessed with confidence. With it being Liverpool and with me being a major Beatles fan I booked in for the Hard Day’s Night Treatment which hinted at soft beds, oversized pajamas and a musical soundtrack –  I was intrigued.

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After spending a while glazed by the sweet scents and inspiration from the shop I met with my therapist to discuss the journey we were about to take. She poured a glass of cucumber lemon infused water and her gentle tones already began to hypnotize me into drifting away.

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The treatment started with me snuggling into a pair of oversized warm pajamas and slipping between the cotton sheets only to be tucked in softly by my therapist. The dim lights and the first crescendo note on the Hard Day’s Night Beatles inspired soundtrack slumbered my mind and sent me floating down the river.

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The massage was unlike anything in this world as my therapist soothed me into letting go off all my limbs through a series of gentle stretches and feather light touches designed to open up every inch of my body. Barely once did she lift the covers and get under the soft cotton kissing my skin, everything was done through the gentle fabric. With passive stretching she unwound and stimulated my ears so I could further embrace the gorgeous music filtering through the air.

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Every movement was in rhythm to the cascading soundtrack of cleverly reworked favorites from the Fab Four. During the I Wanna Hold Your Hand section, I felt my hand gripped and released in such a nurturing motherly way it almost reduced me to a pool of beautiful tears. Alternating between a touch of circus psychedelia where my body moved to the music filling every core with sublime energy before taking me back down to the supple eastern notes of George Harrisons Sitar and chants from the Maharishi.

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At some point during the chimes of my golden slumber I felt hot stones radiate warmth on my stomach and an evocative Indian inspired head massage that made me melt into sheer bliss beneath the covers. Moments before she left me to rouse my sleepy head the therapist invited me to mediate by whispering Let it Be.

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Alone in the room with only the sound of spring time chirping birds to shake me from this beautiful dream I tentatively rose and as soon as my foot hit the ground the soaring euphoria overcame me. Grinning foolishly to myself in the mirror I had never felt so joyous, so inspired and so internally energized after a massage before. Stepping out my therapist was waiting with a hot cup of British tea, biscuits and a gift bag to bring me back round.

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The Lush Spa offers sublime sensory treatments where you can truly burn your worries, open your heart and be pampered – not like a princess because we are so much more than that, to be loved, to be nurtured and to have someone listen fully to your body and your mind because you are human. This was an experience of deep connection and true warmth which I feel will be hard to find outside the calming walls of Lush.

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Jodie Oakes

Jodie Oakes

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