Lunar Landscape at Wadi Rum, Jordan

Desert dreams, constantly shifting mirages and divine colors that spread like an ink stain across the landscape all make Wadi Rum one of the most intoxicating places to visit in the world. The rum village features only a handful of shops and a quick shallow breath of civilization before you are thrown back into the endless dunes where golden cliffs broil beneath a burning sun, a slight breeze stirs the red dust and secret trail routes are followed by camels, galloping horses and Bedouin tribes. The only way to give yourself to the depths of Wadi Rum is with an overnight stay, when you can watch a million stars adorn the velvet drape of sky and hear the tales and mysteries swim to life in the shadows of the cold moon.

Wadi Rum The Valley of the Moon Jordan 1

Sunrise Balloon Rides Above the Dunes

Wadi Rum adventures will take you off the beaten track and show you a world of ever-changing color. One of the best ways to start your day is with a hot air balloon ride above the dunes where you can sip a glass of champagne and watch the first slants of sunlight spill her rays across the rich dunes turning the world from rose blush to the finest spun gold.

Wadi Rum The Valley of the Moon Jordan 2

Camels, Jeeps and Deep Discovery

Spend the afternoon discovering the desert trails either with a 4×4 jeep tour or on the back of a camel. Smashing through the dunes in a jeep will help you cover an expansive distance with the thrill of adrenaline coursing through your soul. You will be able to see the expanse of the desert with nothing but millions upon millions of grains of sand sweeping the horizon for miles. Camel rides give you a traditional feel and allow you to completely immerse yourself in the authentic Wadi Rum experience, one where you feel the sun glaze your skin, the faint whip of sand stirring from the ground and the textures and patterns that seem to move with you.

Wadi Rum The Valley of the Moon Jordan 3

The Legendary Spots from Lawrence of Arabia

The Wadi Rum desert has forever been immortalized by Lawrence of Arabia and there are plenty of historical spots buried deep in the lunar landscape that bring the stories to life. Lawrence’s Spring is worth stopping by, said to be the spot where Lawrence of Arabia washed during the Arab revolt. The pillars of Wisdom are another spot made famous by the T.E Lawrence and is also part of one of the deserts incredible hikes. You can walk through a dry riverbed and skate down towering sand dunes.

Wadi Rum The Valley of the Moon Jordan 4

Luxury Bedouin Camps with Feather Soft Beds

Sleeping in the midst of the desert doesn’t have to mean chilly tents and rustic fare especially with the dazzling Wadi Rum Night Luxury Camp. Soft canvas walls allow you to enter a world where feather soft beds, Bedouin sofas, glittering lamps and graceful antiques await you. Even the washroom blocks are far from substandard bedecked in marble and boasting spacious showers. With private chefs and butler service you can taste the heavenly flavors of traditional Jordanian food and sip a cold beer as you watch shooting stars fall from the deep hued desert sky.

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Jodie Oakes

Jodie Oakes

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