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Next time you plan for a luxe travel around the world, make sure you know what you’re actually planning for to get a warm and relaxing getaway. The trick to achieving a truly restful sojourn is avoiding the throngs of noisy, obnoxious tourists that seemed determined to contribute chaos to your trip.

Evade the masses by visiting destinations that cater to a practiced traveler. This list of enchanting locals is curated to the tastes of the most cultured and refined travelers. Say goodbye to your troubles by choosing any of these resorts as your port of call.

Boca Grande, Florida

Gasparilla Island state park is the ideal getaway because it is in itself a secluded island. Its prized possession is the Boca Grande Lighthouse in the center that is open to the public. Set up a picnic in the shade and enjoy the scenic views surrounding you. Cool off by diving in to the surrounding crystal clear waters. While in Florida, take advantage of many of the world-renowned holistic rehabilitation centers to soothe your physical, spiritual, and emotional needs with holistic rehabilitation.

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The Blue Lagoon, Iceland

As one of the wonders of the world, indulge in an elemental experience at the Blue Lagoon, where everything is powered by geothermal energy. In-water massages, natural saunas, and decadent silk mud masks create the perfect atmosphere for a pampering session you’re sure to never forget. Immerse yourself in the history with a guided tour of the Blue Lagoon’s ice blue waters.

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Ocean House, Rhode Island

Dive into the historic past of New England with a stay at the luxurious Ocean House. With new classes every month, there is always something fresh going on at this resort. Test your culinary skills with a class from a world-renown chef, paired with an excellent wine tasting menu to complete the experience. What’s more, you can cruise coastal New England from the driver’s seat of one of many brand new Mercedes-Benz that are available to all hotel guests upon request.

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The St. Regis Lhasa Resort, Tibet

Submerge yourself in Tibetan culture with this resort’s traditional Tibetan healing, herbal treatments, and unparalleled exotic architecture. Explore the limits of your personal tranquility and peace in the Meditation Garden. Explore the bounds of serenity with yoga sessions each morning and rituals each night.

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Baros, Maldives

Imagine dining on cardamom-spiced Sri Lankan prawns on a private sandbank in the middle of the ocean.Travel to Baros in the Maldives, where extravagant dreams seem to become a simple reality. Clear your mind in one of the 30 over-water villas, enjoy your privacy, and wander out to the beach at your leisure.

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Casa La Siesta, Cadiz, Spain

What’s in a name? At Casa La Siesta, relaxation seems to be the moniker. If you’re planning a trip to hideaway with your closest family or friends, rent out this lavishly quaint boutique hotel. Complete with eight rooms and a team at your service, this bespoke retreat is nothing but private. Enjoy garden-to-table appetizers and elegant tapas while browsing the estate’s select wine cellar.

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Bluestone National Park Resort, Wales

Experience a spa package completely and specifically tailored to your physical and emotional needs at the ESPA Spa. Test your physiological limits by alternating between warm and cold thermal treatments, a Celtic therapy perfected in ancient times by the Welsh druids. After a rejuvenating visit at the well spa, dine on a four-course menu complete with the season’s top local selections.

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Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

Located in a place aptly named the Sunshine Coast, with sunny skies year round, this resort has been called a “hidden gem.” Just minutes from the talcum-white sand beach and surrounded by tropical gardens, you will feel completely at peace at the Sails Lifestyle Resort.

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Colline Du Chateau, Provence, France

Enjoy views of historic Baie des Anges and Old Nice by taking a stroll through Castle Hill. With nearly 300 feet of stairs, visitors are treated to a sweeping panorama of the city complete with a mysterious waterfall. The views from this hill alone are enough of a reason to visit Nice.

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The Island Dream Palm Paradise Resort, Siargao Island

Looking to unwind with a bit of adventure? Visiting Siargao, the surfing capital of the Philippines, should do nicely. Kayak or snorkel through the underwater caves of Sohoton and discover amazing stalagmite formations that are guaranteed to take your breath away. Dine on fresh-caught seafood marinated in coconut juice gathered from the surrounding trees. An island getaway never sounded so sumptuous.

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Next time you plan for a vacation to a relaxing travel destination, make sure you know what you’re actually planning for. Choose any of these tranquil destinations, and you’re guaranteed to have the time of your life.

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