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At Luxe in a City we love any excuse to rave about the big smoke and  this fall there is a fabulous high class affair in the heart of the capital city of London. The rumble of red buses, the flashy boutiques on Oxford Street, the cream colored fairytale of Buckingham Palace, the changing of the guards, the musical stomp of Broadway, and high tea at the Ritz, London is the epitome of luxury.

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We are proud to be official partners with the highly anticipated event of Luxury Interactive 2015 kicking off in London this October, a time when the air is filled with the comforting scent of wood smoke and the hills are laced in hues of gold and red. At this highly coveted conference, network with other industry leaders, sip champagne, and generally immerse and indulge in the art of luxury. We are super excited to be partnering in this event, and looking forward to seeing the world of luxury shake up London as our fellow peers get together to showcase the class and prestige of the world.

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Five star content will be making waves in the heart of the city, for two fascinating and fabulous days the best in the business will converge to teach, to learn and to inspire as everyone picks apart the tried and tested paths in luxury marketing and shares insights and ideas as to the turn of the tide and the cosmos that is sure to carve out the future of luxury brands and marketing. At Luxe in a City we know the shoreline is digital, even the art of exploration is no longer being penned in maps and compasses but in the online world of travel guides, pixel images and WordPress designs. We are part of that evolution and we are always excited to learn more.
Starwood Hotels, Tiffany’s, Harrods, Krug Champagne, Bulgari, Hotel Chocolat these are just a handful of the names whose representatives will be speaking at the Interactive conference, and we can be sure that good company abounds.

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Here at Luxe in a City we are inspired by such great names, we have lingered in the landscaped pool gardens of Starwood, we have sipped beautiful bubbly Krug Fizz overlooking the dazzling blues and pale whites of perfect beaches, we have been soothed and satiated by the robin egg blue boxes of Tiffany’s, and we have basked in beautiful food, delectable truffles and fine clothing from the luscious hampers of Harrods.
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These brands helped to shape the world of luxury and certainly contributed to setting the bar, now the journey continues as they help to inspire the future of gold standard services in the changing era of the digital age. We can learn all about building effective, sophisticated and meaningful relationships with customers both in the real world and the virtual one, how to become compelling home pages and how to inspire incredible exclusive experiences through the use of the World Wide Web. Throw into the mix lashings of cocktail receptions and razzed up roundtable discussions and you have the perfect storm.
After all the mingling and networking what could be a better way to end the day then wrapping up in a warm coat, crunching the leaves beneath your feet in Hyde Park or hitting the plethora of trendy bars and achingly cool eateries in Camden and Shoreditch as you fall head over heels with the city that lives and breathes a timeless heritage of sheer luxury.

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