Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2015: Dazzled in Dubai

The champagne is on ice, the Ritz Carlton is decking the halls with silk and polishing the silverware, and the whole of the luxury world is waiting to see who will be crowned at the highly coveted luxury lifestyle awards 2015. This year’s prestigious event will be held in Dubai, on May 21st, with a lavish cocktail reception to kick off the night in style. Followed by a delectable gala and dinner before things truly hot up at a sultry after party beneath the desert stars, this is sure to be the hottest event on the luxury calendar this year.



High class companies from across the globe will be making the journey to the Middle East to celebrate the art of luxury at the 8th annual award ceremony. Not only will this be the perfect opportunity to revel in outstanding commitment and achievements from different segments of the luxury world, but with over three hundred guests it will also be a dream for those who love to network and meet with their peers.


From residential real estate to restaurants, jewelry, fashion designers, hoteliers and spas, all nominees will be judged on their contribution, their innovation and their ability to offer the pinnacle of luxury to the most discerning clientele. Judges protecting the reputation of the 24 karat awards this year will be Layla Awad Vice President of “Heba Linens”, Mariam Abdelghany Fashion Designer at “Mamzi by Mariam Abdelghany” and Samar Saied Owner of “Samar Saied Couture”.


Along with the three main judges there will of course be a collection of honorary judges from all walks of the luxury world, selected for their expertise and in depth knowledge of first class finesse. Being officially invited to be a representative on The Academy, Maxine Genier from Luxe in a City and Agence Luxury will also be back on the honorary judge’s panel for the second time after being asked to participate in the London Luxury Lifestyle Awards in 2014.

Winners in each category are sure to be dazzled by the 24 karat golden crown specially designed for each winner by the illustrious jewelry craftsman Faraone Mennella. The Mennella jewelry brand is world famous for its sensuous modern designs, flawless sophistication and technical perfection. Collections pop up in only the most expensive and luxurious stores in the world and pieces are celebrated by A list celebrities in Hollywood, New York and of course on the red carpet.

Last year the highly anticipated event saw a fabulous collection of high caliber guests come out to play, from royalty to fashion models, luxury bloggers, celebrity wedding planners and expensive designers, just about anyone who is anyone in the world of luxury came together to celebrate in style. This year is sure to bring out the best as guests from every corner of the globe will be flocking to the shores of Dubai to crush a cup of wine.

There’s no doubt that Dubai’s hosting for the Luxury Lifestyle Awards will be spectacular. As a city that is ever associated with exuberant opulence, divine decadence and la crème de la crème of the luxury leisure lifestyle, guests can soak up the splendor of the Dubai Marina District with world class fashion, elegant dining and beautiful beaches right on their doorstep.

Maxine Genier

Maxine Genier

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Maxine Genier