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Our luxury travel experts dream of spending more time in Asia. With so much diversity in both culture and nature, luxury travel in Asia often feels like we are experiencing the best of the best. From the purest of white sand beaches to the intoxicating food markets, luxury travel in Asia is better than all the raves. Let’s go.

Gordon Ramsay Bread Street Kitchen Restaurant to Open in Marina Bay Sands

European food art collides with Singapore style blends in the Gordon Ramsay Bread Street Kitchen at the luxury Marina Bay Sands Hotel

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Udaipur – The Venice of the East

Glittering lakes and ornate palaces dashed with the allure of the East makes Udaipur a dream honeymoon destination for regala and romance

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Hua Hin – Off-The-Beaten-Track Refuge

The poster child of chilled sophistication, Hua Hin is a beach lovers haven with its fresh seafood zest, butlered beaches and delectable coconut smoothies

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Chuuk Lagoon – Stunning Pacific Wreck for Diving

Divers will delight in a luxury travel adventure down into the depths of Chuuk Lagoon with its coral covered wrecks and scores of rich marine life.

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Four Charming Kyoto Luxury Hotels to Discover

From beneath the cherry blossom to floral courtyards, Kyoto luxury hotels are the perfect place to soak up modern pleasures adorned in old world charm

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Health Land Spa & Massage – Rejuvenating Experience

Indulge in the ancient art of a traditional Thai massage with fragrant herbs and a dip in the precious stone sauna at the prestigious Health Land Spa

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Top 10 Magnificent Temples in Asia

From the golden pagodas of Myanmar to the ethereal existence of Tigers Nest in Bhutan, these exquisite temples in Asia appear to be from another world

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5 Luxury Hotels in Hong Kong for a Weekend Escapade

Futuristic bath tubs, chocolate themed cafes and a staggering array of exotic eastern spa treatments are waiting in these finest luxury hotels in Hong Kong

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Jaipur Pink City – India’s Cheeky City

Jaipur Pink City is a luxury haven with its blushing rose hues, lofty temples and chattering monkeys, for the ultimate adventure travel look East

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Durga Puja – The Quintessential Bengali Festival

Durga Puja is a beautiful Bengali Festival filled with the scent of flowers, the sound of beating drums, and the celebration of the return of the daughter.

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